Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our First Tubing Day

So this is out it started.

Jon is out of town for a couple of days for work. I'm washing Sydoux' hair and the phone rings.
It is the school: tomorrow will be a snow day.

Arghhhhhh. It is the 3rd Monday in a row they don't have school. No way I'm going to be sitting at home again. (one of those Mondays Sydoux was sick).

I decide to go tubing. The kids are exited. They go to bed full of hope and so do I.

Now when I woke up, I was not so sure about this whole plan. But the kids were exited and then so was I.

Even though Tom (our Tiler) said the road could be bad, oh well, we are going even if we have to turn around.

We pack snacks, extra cloths, all the gear and sun screen (which I forgot to use, whatever).

We leave at 9.00 am.

Half way there, around 10.30 both kids see a Taco Bell and decide that they are starving. No way, we are not even there! Plus it is still breakfast time. I agree to eat first thing there. I tell you, these kids are bellies first.

Took us 2 hours to get there. Little place lost at the end of a road. Now I picked that place because it was not the best, the biggest. I did not want to kids to be too scared on their first time and thought that the smallest slowest place would be best. Plus two hours away is far enough.

They were really excited ... after they ate.

We got our tubs, sat and I pushed them down the runs. They LOVED it!!! I kinda knew Bex would but was not so sure about the Princess. But she did. And then she got on the magic carpet on her own, pulling her own tub before I was even done with my run.

We tried all the runs, even the long ones. It was great. The kids were happy. I was happy. The weather was fabulous. There were no waiting lines. It was perfect.

We were the last ones to get off the runs, and they wanted to do more. Now I had been pulling all three tubs and was getting a 'little' tired so 'we' decided to wait and come back!!

We got home at 5 PM after stopping at Taco Bell !!!!

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