Saturday, January 2, 2010

Xmas pictures

Now that I got my computer back I just need time time time!!!

Here are some of the pictures of our awesome xmas time.

Zac and his family came for the week. The girls played the whole time, we barely saw them. They get along soooo well. Sydoux was really sad when Madi left.She felt sooo lonely.

First thought was Jon's Birthday. 34 I think. We did the usual chocolate pie. Everyone loves it.

Then Bex and I went to see Santa ... haha, not really but since Santa was at the mall the same time we were ... well ....

this happened:

Then Zac, Sam, Madi, Kyle and Hunter arrived. I know the pictures are not in order but it gives you a good idea of what we did.

One day we went to Monkey Joes and bounced bounced bounced.

We went to see Sydoux' favorite winter activity: the singing bears of Birkdale. Madi and Hunter loved them too, Bex and Kyle were over it pretty quickly!

Boys Night Bath

The other boys night time ritual!!!!

Girls playing dress up.

We took our tub out of the box and had the kids in the box. It was a riot. They played and played. I have to admit I was happy to see the box go. It filled the whole room.

Zac and Hunter

Dinner time

Madi (picture taken by Sydoux)

The girls reading books in Sydoux' 'bird nest'

We had a few good days of night weather and the kids biked and drove and played outside.

One lunch at chik-fil-a. Then we went to the mall to the play area. The kids were tired at the end ... yeah!

Then Zac and family left. It was not so much fun. The house just seemed too big and too empty. Five kids might have been a lot, but at least it filled the house nicely. I really like having a ton of kids over. As we type, Sydoux has a playdate and Preston the neighbor is over!!!

The kids with their t-shirts from Grandpa Jack

Bex and his big lego box

Bex and the motorcycle he asked Santa (yeah funny haha I had to go buy it after!!!)

The kids before opening presents. We had made a nice fire. And they had candy in their stockings to tie them over.

Jon putting the last present.

All in all it was one of the best xmas ever. The kids had a blast and so did we.


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