Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays from the Andrews Farm 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009


I know I'm a little late ... shit happens what can I say.

Anyways It was an AWESOME thanksgiving, especially for the kids. They had so many cousins! Even Sydoux had a little girl her age to play with, and yes, they played played played.

Jon spent a lot of time with his brothers, and I got to relax. I was still trying to get over my winter crud.

I was amazed at how old the kids are getting. There were no more diaper changes, no more being scared they would fall in the pond, no more chasing after them. It was almost boring!!!!

Here are the pictures.

Zach and his son Hunter

Men and boys playing dominoes.

Tea Time!!!!

Tea time with snacks

Meryn ... the youngest of the grandkids.

A bunch of cousin boys!!! Bex, Hunter, Baden and Charlie.


Bex and Hunter ... do they look alike?

More boys!!! Bex, Hunter, Charlie and Kyle

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It was so tough to say

Sometimes things are hard to say. I don't usually have a problem with all the weird questions that kids ask but last night I was really choked up.

This is what happened.

At 9.30 til 10:00 AM I was volunteering at Sydoux' school. I do that every Wednesday.
Then at 10:00 AM I had a meeting, with Jon, with one of the school speech therapist for Bex.

It all went fine, looks like he is going to qualify for services, until when we left the building.

She saw both of us at 10:30. I could tell from her look that she knew something was going on.

She really did not bring it up when she got home but we talked about it after the bedtime story.

I don't know why but it was so hard to explain that Bex' speech is not were it should be, and that he is going to have speech therapy, and it will happen at her school (no, he won't be talking the bus) and that is why we were both there.

She thought it was a little funny when I explain the stuttering, and she knew what I was talking about!!

I also got the feeling that she understood why he will be getting services. Maybe she has been annoyed as well at not being able to communicate with her brother?

I was very close to tears when I left her room.

Hopefully, and I know it will because I can see it, it will resolve itself soon.

Thanksgiving pictures coming up.