Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some of this, some of that

Things are busy. It is the busy season. Halloween, birthdays, parties, visits then Thanksgiving, Jon's birthday, Xmas, Sydoux' birthday, Mom's visit .... and then the busy season ends.

Last weekend Grandpa Jack came for a visit. The kids wanted to play but he kinda just looked at them funny. Eventually they agreed on a game of Guess Who. It is one of our new board games and Sydoux LOVES it. Bex can be a good helper. If only he could talk ... Anyways.

While here, GJ did a great treasure hunt outside. The kids love it, it is the best part from them.
We also worked on the outside right wall. Two more loads of dirt and one more load of stones. We are done with the stones on that side, but I think we need at least four more loads of dirt.

The weather was phenomenal and we all spend most of the weekend outside. The kids were running from house to house to house and having a blast. Nice weather just makes things easier.

I had ordered this book from the library ... I was number 241. Could not believe it. It took over three months for me to get: The Girl Who played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.
It is the second book in his series Millenium. I loooooved that book. Sooo engrossed in it, love the writing, the story everything.

And now I'm bummed. It is finished. I wish it could go on and on and on. Book 3 is not yet available here, but I'm going to use my secret weapon and have Mom mail it to me, as it is available in France.

The series are a huge hit in Europe, but no so much here. Oh well. I still think it is the best books I've read in a long long time.

Today was Bex' Family Lunch @ school. I have a few videos I'll try to post next time.

I'm trying to organize a soccer class for Bex for January. It is really easy to find 5 little guys to want to play soccer, so that is going well. I'm going to try to put Sydney in a more 'serious' league and we'll see how that goes.

Now some pictures:

Jack on the trampoline.
Getting on the trampoline to the delight of the kids

He really did give it a good try.

And he's down

Up again ... careful you kids though ...

The after the hunt picture

Counting the loot



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