Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Here are a few!

We had such a good time:

1st at the Chik-fil-A party. The kids were running around wild and loved having their costumes. Plus there were several friends, and that always makes it more fun.

2nd we went to Halloween Bounce at Bounce U. Bex loved it. Sydoux was a little run down but she liked it as well. I had to pry them away!!!

3nd Lisa threw a fab Halloween Party at her house. So many Halloween treats, a treasure hunt, some crafts. Good time.

4th The Official Trick or Treat night. So much fun. We even did some with the little truck. Should have seen these kids driving from door to door. We also hooked up with some friends and it was a mad rush from house to house. We did get rained on and I did not care for that too much.

So it was all good. Well except for a fever here and there. I was terrified of the Killer H1N1 but here it has been rather mild. Fever in the morning then gone. Maybe it was something else.

Also pictures of the change of flag from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

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