Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pictures: Jack, letterboxing, BOB etc

I'm a little late on pictures.

Grandpa Jack came to spend the weekend last week. He came first thing in the morning with donuts, which was very exiting for the kids. He brought some candy for a treasure hunt. I tell you, Sydoux remembers all the treasure hunts he did, and within 30 minutes Grandpa Jack was hiding candy in the back yard.

We also did a Letterboxing hunt in Hollerbrock park. It was awesome except for the part where Jon hurt his knee.

We came home to a lunch which had been cooking for 12 hours in the oven. Those ribs where melting :)
Unfortunately I had some and that made me realllly sick. I have been slipping a bit on my veganwithfish diet but pork was too much.
Then Jon had made this awesome panna cotta and I had some and sure enough, that amount of dairy was not good.

Good night sleep and I was all better in the morning. We went to IKEA for breakfast (I did not eat ... sticking to my diet!!) but everyone enjoyed it. We did get some new furniture: new beds for the kids. They are the loft kind that can reverse into a regular bed. So it had the loft setting for Sydoux and regular for Bex. It smells sooo good up there now :)

Then Grandpa Jack left for his second leg of the trip.

Jon has been on call this week so we pretty much have not seen him. We just did our usual stuff, school, soccer on Wednesday, library on Thursday.

We sold BOB (help with the new beds and also the kids had pretty much outgrown it, and I wanted them to start walking more). Sydoux was very very sad about it. So we took a few pictures of her with BOB and here are some older pictures. Thanks again GuiGui for this awesome present.

First time she rode in BOB. She was 3 weeks old!!

Sydoux and Bex in BOB

BOB and Sydoux

Sydoux as a budding photographer.

On our way to letterboxing

Busy in their playroom

Maesi Maesi Maesi

Sydoux and her friend Dylan

Our superheros, Mine is the one with the yellow (lello) boots.

They asked me to take this picture and share it with everyone!!!!

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