Friday, October 16, 2009

My non verbal child.

That is what I say when people try to talk to him, and he hides and giggles and vocalized, but does not talk. I say: He's non verbal. I've been saying that for a long time now. I mean I know he talks when he is with me or his Dad. He answers yes or no to his verbal sisters constant yes or no questions. But when we are out of the house, he is my non verbal child.

Most people say, don't worry when he is ready he won't shut up. Don't worry, he understands everything, when he is ready he'll talk. Don't worry blah blah blah.
And I understand that. I can tell he understands. I can tell he will talk when ready.

But then he started stuttering. Once again, don't worry it is his mind that is going faster than his mouth. Don't worry my son/daughter stuttered and it went away.

It is not that I worry per say. It is that I want to catch a problem if there is one. I don't want to way until it gets worse. I see how he does not talk to his class mate and how embarrassed he is when he has to. I see how uncomfortable he is with strangers. I see all that.

So I made the appointment for verbal testing.

He went for one hour and past most of it. Which I knew he would. But there is always 'most of it', not all of it. So there is something. The tester was not sure exactly what 'it' is, but something is a little off. We are going for another hour of testing to figure what is lacking. There might be nothing. He will be fine I know it. The one thing I don't want is for him to be embarrassed to talk and to regress further.

We always joke that with the verbal child we always knew what she knew because she spews so much, and with the non verbal one we are always surprise and have no idea what is coming out.

So there, you have it. My non verbal child that I love so much.

On other notes Jon has been working so hard, I think he had 2 nights off in the last 10 days. And yes, he will be working tomorrow Saturday all day. Blah.

Sydoux is still absolutely loving school. I mentioned a dark side to her to her teacher in a email and he said: dark side?? I see no dark side .... Oh wait my friend. Just wait a little more. She might never show it though. But she sure had a dark side!!!!

Soccer is going super well. Both kids looooove it. I actually took some picture and when I get off my lazy ass, I'll post them. I just wish I could wave the camera to the comptuer and the pictures would be transfer to the blog. In the mean, just wait.


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