Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And time flies ...

When I look at the last pictures the kids were wearing t-shirts. Now it is sweaters and jackets!!!

Quite a bit is going on:

Yesterday was Bex' second speech eval. He did better than average on comprehension and basic speech. His main problem is stuttering and sentence formation. Now we have to wait two months to speak with someone from the local school. I'm hoping he can get services for stuttering and that will help him talk in general. It is sooo painful to hear him try to talk right now.

Monday they both had their field trips ... fun for them, cold for me! I did one with Sydoux and now have done one with Bex ... and I am done.

Today they both have their Fall Party. I'm not going to Bex' but Bex and I are going to Sydoux'!!! They are going to be sooo hyper on sugar. Then we have soccer, they still both love it.And then .... I'm having a second helping of Ladies Night Out because my friend Joelie is in town ... YEAHHHHH

I made her a halloween hanging thingy. Now in my mind I lOVE sewing, but once I have to sit down, the love takes a nose dive. Plus then when I check my work, I find that I suck. I really love the idea of sewing though, so I'm thinking about taking some classes next year to get a little better. Sydoux loves cloths and I'd like to make her a few things.

Tomorrow is Sydoux' first parent/teacher conference and I'm all exited!!!!! She has been doing great so I'm not at all worried. Just kinda curious as so what he is going to say.

Also both kids are off tomorrow and friday.

Friday we are going to a halloween party at Bounce You.

Saturday Halloween party at Lisa's.

Saturday night Halloween trick or treat in the neighborhood. I got a costume for Maesi!!!

So yeah busy busy busy busy. And I still manage to study, clean the house, keep the fridge full ...

Fall Activities as Sydoux calls it!!!!

At Bex' Field Trip:

They have a corn pit.

I'm soo strong

My turn to take pictures Mom (I picture)

Which one to pick ...

I'm this tall. I have to find the picture of Sydoux at the same place.

Sydoux and Maesi in a squirrel costume.

Soccer time

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