Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning.

Bex got his 10th star last night. He wanted a batman cave (that he had seen at 2 of his friends house). I'm not one for buying presents at Xmas or birthdays, but if he does really well for 10 days, sure I'll get him something he really wants.

So now they are playing with the Bat Cave and ENJOYING it!!!! For once, Bex is in charge, and Sydoux can't boss him around. Working out nicely.

Today we are going to IKEA, to get a dinning room table!! For the first time in our married life we will have a dinning room. Can you belieeeeeve it???? Anyways, it will probably still be half dinning half playroom. Plus I don't think we will do dinning every day, instead I'll do my sewing there. When we have guests, we'll do dinning there.

Then we are going to do some Letterboxing I have talked about it so much in the past week that I'm talked out. Check out the link for yourselves. It is really awesome.

Monday kids don't have school.

Next weekend Jack is coming over for a few days. We are looking forward to showing him our letterboxing!!

Fall is on us. There are pine needles all over the back yard.

Jon's back is getting better everyday.


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