Saturday, August 22, 2009

There is a fish in my burrito.

When I looked into my freezer the other day and saw that pack of Sole filet I knew I wanted some fish burritos. Same ingredients, but with fish instead of meat.
For one it would work in my diet and I would not have to find something to replace the meat.
For second, it sounded good.

Jon the Master Cook added a cilantro sauce (cilantro and lemon juice).
He cooked the fish.

I build the burritos the same: whole grain tortilla, grated cheese, whole wheat rice, salt pepper, cilantro sauce and fish on top. Then in the foreman grill for 2 minutes.

The kids ate it up!!!! They actually mentioned that they were trying something new ... and that they liked it. They each ate two halves. Not bad for a rather healthy dinner.

Earlier we went to the movies to see District 9. It was ok. The good part was that we were the two of us on a date :) The sad part was that none of the previews looked interesting. Just when I thought I might be going to the movies more often!

Even earlier we were building a wall around our flower bed. It is going to look good!!! Pictures later when we are done.

Tomorrow: more wall building.

Monday: playdate.

Tuesday: First Day of School for Sydoux. I think none of us can wait. We are all holding our breaths. She is stressed I think. Or not recovered from our trip. Either way we can't wait until she sleeps through the night again.

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