Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures from France

Grandmere and Bex sharing a laugh.

The kids and the grandparents. Bex would follow Gilles, BonPapa (Gran Papa he would call him) all over the place. He loved spending time with him.

The kids waiting for Francois to come and pick us up. Bex, first time he saw his car said: Nice car, yeah nice car!!!!

Sydoux sharing an ice cream with Francois.

A bird from the avian zoo we went to it. It was so amazing the birds would fly right next to us!!!
The show was 45 minutes and the kids loved very bit of it. Some birds would hunt for food, some would catch it in the air, one had to use a rock to break an egg!!

The kids and Francois.

Bex at La Barre looking for his balloon.

Sydoux with her cousins playing in a hammock. The babysitter would swing them ... and they would squeal with laughter!

The kids petting goats at the goats farm. Bex tried to pet a rooster, said rooster was not too happy and flew into Bex, who fell. The rooster did scratch him pretty good around the mouth. Don't play with roosters!!

Sydoux and her cousin Louie. I wish I had a picture of Bex and Louie. They played well together too, and when ever I talk about France, Bex asks about Louie!!!

Bex at the beach at Montpellier when we visited my Mom's sister Anne. The kids loved the beach. And this time Bex loved all of the beach, the sand and the water!!!

Sydoux getting ready to jump.

Gilles and Bex sharing a laugh.

Bex and my cousin Martin. They kinda look alike yes?

Xavier Martin and Bex on the old tractor. He got it running to the delight of the boys.


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