Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outing Thursday

So it has been a few weeks since I've updated ... I'm now home, but I'll still try to update what happened over the past few weeks over a few posts.

Thursday were generally Outing Thursdays, also thought of as Fab Thursdays!!!

On the first Thursday I had a 'date' with my very good friend Francois from High School. So yeah, we go back a ways. He came and picked me up, as prompt as ever. I had asked to go to a Vegan restaurant, cuz of my diet and all, and he had found one (organice vegeterian) that was right around the corner. Tiny little restaurant named: Toute les couleurs (All the colors). Just walking in you feel a rush of quiet zen energy. It was half packed, but people were talking quietly and in a very relaxed manner. I was overwhelmed by the menu choices ... never had I seen so many vegan dishes!!!! I'm not going to go into what we ate, enough to say that is was delicious, filling and I could not wait to come back!! Francois liked it too, even though he is an avid meat eater. He played the game though, I have to give him huge props for that! There was a lot of conversation catch up between him and I. See, I think he is a little like me in the fact that every time I talked to him, he is into building a new company, new ideas, new everything!!! It is always awesome to listen to him. So many innovative ideas.

His wife AnneLiz stopped by for coffee, then he drove me home after a little drive around town in his new super fab car, with promises of a lunch next Thursday. Your On!

I think I napped ... all that talking can put a woman down.

That night I was invited to a sushi party at my friend Joelie's house. She does not live too far, so I decided to walk there. Walking in Lyon is one of my FAVORITE things to do. So many cute little streets, interesting shops. Just stuff to look at right and left. It took me an hour to walk there, my legs could tell that it was a while, but my brain thought was it had not taken more than 20 minutes! I wish I could walk like that every day.

I was really nice to see Joelie and all her family again. I helped a bit with the cooking, and was really happy to know how to make spring rolls. Definitely something I'll do again.
She had invited some close friends, and it was cool to see her moving in her 'french' circle of friends. It was even more fun discussing our opinions of each after wards!!! I had a new cocktail there was I liked: lychee liquor with a mix fruit juice. Sooo good.
We too, made plans for next Thursday.

On Friday we went back to La Barre for the weekend.

More tomorrow ....


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