Friday, August 28, 2009

On things

On Bex: Maesi, come here boy! (Maesi is a girl).

On Sydoux has been at school all week and it loving it. She likes the bus ride, all the different activities they do there. I'm soo glad that it is going well for her.

Bex is rather lonely. Every day he asks for Sydoux a little earlier than the day before. Today he also wanted to go to school. Couple for days, and it will be his turn.

On my diet: I kept it all really good for 3 months and now I think I'm bending the rules a wee bit, just for a week or so.

On Jon: he is going good.

On Maesi: I wonder how long before she'll get her own leash when it is time to go get Sydoux at the bus stop.

On school uniforms. I still don't like them, but she does, so whatever.

On studying: I really don't like the classes and am dragging my feet to get it finish.


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