Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoying the heat.

Yes, it is hot here. And it is humid. But you know what??!! I love it. I love how I can be outside all day and night, and never have to worry about putting a sweater on, or pants, or both. No matter when, I'm hot.

I never missed this as much at this year. There, there is a cold wind at night, and sometimes during the day and it would chill me to the bone. Not of that here.

Of course it is awesome being home with hubby. He had had a couple of days off and we are taking full advantage of it to run errands, finish projects and of course a little us time.

One more week til Sydoux starts school.


1 comment:

  1. Did I mention that you're CRAZY, Ms. I-love-this-heat? Well, for good measure...


    Thanks again for the yummy spread, the yummy beer and the yummy (hey, I'm following a pattern) conversation. It was great to meet J and it was AWESOME to see the kids play so well together. Mine were asleep before we pulled out of the driveway!