Thursday, August 27, 2009

Better than Trader Joe's

We were going to do our weekly shopping this afternoon with Lisa and her kids but she came up with a much better idea ... better than Trader Joe's? (TJ being the best supermarket in the Charlotte area and we swear by it).

Jet Skying!!!!!

Her dad has a 3 person jet ski. It was sooo much fun. Sydoux went first with Lisa and Tyler. I was rather proud of her for not freaking out!!! Then it was Bex and Evan. Meanwhile I would be swimming in the landing area (I know you're not supposed to but it was so nice). The water was incredibly warm. Tub warm. I did not mind one bit though and swam all after noon with the kids.

Lisa and I went on the jet ski ... super fast! I was bouncing up and down and almost off. I was laughing soo hard (ok and admittedly I was a little 'scared'). Since I'm still driving a big truck around ... I was thinking of getting a boat! The water was so warm that I could see us spending a lot of time on the lake.

(I have pictures but I need to get them off my phone)

On the way I had another one of those arguments with Sydoux. Things have not been that rosy in the past two weeks. We fight and argue and scream a lot more than I like. We are getting on each others nerves and having really short tempers.
I think it is healthy. We are going to be going through a pretty traumatic separation on Monday. It will be the first time since birth that I won't be spending a majority of the day with her. We have never been that separated.

I remember my aunt telling me that she used to argue when her son was in high school. It seems that by arguing so much, the separation won't be as hard. It is easier to leave when you are red hot mad when when things are honky dory.

It feels like Sydoux and I are going through something similar. All the fighting will make it so much easier for her to leave the house and be happy at school. I would hate for her to be miserable in school thinking that she would be having more fun at home.

Looking forward to more peaceful times.


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  1. Ugh! I can totally relate to the bickering with the eldest. Ryan just does.not.mind me. He doesn't listen. I'm pretty sure he's following his father's example, though. The walking away while I'm talking, the not making eye contact, the pretending not to hear me. Sam does all these things, too. Ryan will start CP on Thursday. I'm actually REALLY glad because if he were going to be home much longer, I'm not sure our relationship could take it. The same goes for all three kids, actually. I guess I'm just getting antsy to have a little time to myself after spending three weeks in a little hotel room together around the clock.. *sigh* Maybe I should go blog about this rather than bitch about it on YOUR blog, eh? LOL! Anyhoo, hang in there... You're not alone. Hugs!