Friday, August 28, 2009

On things

On Bex: Maesi, come here boy! (Maesi is a girl).

On Sydoux has been at school all week and it loving it. She likes the bus ride, all the different activities they do there. I'm soo glad that it is going well for her.

Bex is rather lonely. Every day he asks for Sydoux a little earlier than the day before. Today he also wanted to go to school. Couple for days, and it will be his turn.

On my diet: I kept it all really good for 3 months and now I think I'm bending the rules a wee bit, just for a week or so.

On Jon: he is going good.

On Maesi: I wonder how long before she'll get her own leash when it is time to go get Sydoux at the bus stop.

On school uniforms. I still don't like them, but she does, so whatever.

On studying: I really don't like the classes and am dragging my feet to get it finish.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Better than Trader Joe's

We were going to do our weekly shopping this afternoon with Lisa and her kids but she came up with a much better idea ... better than Trader Joe's? (TJ being the best supermarket in the Charlotte area and we swear by it).

Jet Skying!!!!!

Her dad has a 3 person jet ski. It was sooo much fun. Sydoux went first with Lisa and Tyler. I was rather proud of her for not freaking out!!! Then it was Bex and Evan. Meanwhile I would be swimming in the landing area (I know you're not supposed to but it was so nice). The water was incredibly warm. Tub warm. I did not mind one bit though and swam all after noon with the kids.

Lisa and I went on the jet ski ... super fast! I was bouncing up and down and almost off. I was laughing soo hard (ok and admittedly I was a little 'scared'). Since I'm still driving a big truck around ... I was thinking of getting a boat! The water was so warm that I could see us spending a lot of time on the lake.

(I have pictures but I need to get them off my phone)

On the way I had another one of those arguments with Sydoux. Things have not been that rosy in the past two weeks. We fight and argue and scream a lot more than I like. We are getting on each others nerves and having really short tempers.
I think it is healthy. We are going to be going through a pretty traumatic separation on Monday. It will be the first time since birth that I won't be spending a majority of the day with her. We have never been that separated.

I remember my aunt telling me that she used to argue when her son was in high school. It seems that by arguing so much, the separation won't be as hard. It is easier to leave when you are red hot mad when when things are honky dory.

It feels like Sydoux and I are going through something similar. All the fighting will make it so much easier for her to leave the house and be happy at school. I would hate for her to be miserable in school thinking that she would be having more fun at home.

Looking forward to more peaceful times.


Monday, August 24, 2009

left over chinese food


It goes bad fast. Even if it was from yesterday. I'm soooo sick ... gotta 'run' ..


Saturday, August 22, 2009

There is a fish in my burrito.

When I looked into my freezer the other day and saw that pack of Sole filet I knew I wanted some fish burritos. Same ingredients, but with fish instead of meat.
For one it would work in my diet and I would not have to find something to replace the meat.
For second, it sounded good.

Jon the Master Cook added a cilantro sauce (cilantro and lemon juice).
He cooked the fish.

I build the burritos the same: whole grain tortilla, grated cheese, whole wheat rice, salt pepper, cilantro sauce and fish on top. Then in the foreman grill for 2 minutes.

The kids ate it up!!!! They actually mentioned that they were trying something new ... and that they liked it. They each ate two halves. Not bad for a rather healthy dinner.

Earlier we went to the movies to see District 9. It was ok. The good part was that we were the two of us on a date :) The sad part was that none of the previews looked interesting. Just when I thought I might be going to the movies more often!

Even earlier we were building a wall around our flower bed. It is going to look good!!! Pictures later when we are done.

Tomorrow: more wall building.

Monday: playdate.

Tuesday: First Day of School for Sydoux. I think none of us can wait. We are all holding our breaths. She is stressed I think. Or not recovered from our trip. Either way we can't wait until she sleeps through the night again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures from France

Grandmere and Bex sharing a laugh.

The kids and the grandparents. Bex would follow Gilles, BonPapa (Gran Papa he would call him) all over the place. He loved spending time with him.

The kids waiting for Francois to come and pick us up. Bex, first time he saw his car said: Nice car, yeah nice car!!!!

Sydoux sharing an ice cream with Francois.

A bird from the avian zoo we went to it. It was so amazing the birds would fly right next to us!!!
The show was 45 minutes and the kids loved very bit of it. Some birds would hunt for food, some would catch it in the air, one had to use a rock to break an egg!!

The kids and Francois.

Bex at La Barre looking for his balloon.

Sydoux with her cousins playing in a hammock. The babysitter would swing them ... and they would squeal with laughter!

The kids petting goats at the goats farm. Bex tried to pet a rooster, said rooster was not too happy and flew into Bex, who fell. The rooster did scratch him pretty good around the mouth. Don't play with roosters!!

Sydoux and her cousin Louie. I wish I had a picture of Bex and Louie. They played well together too, and when ever I talk about France, Bex asks about Louie!!!

Bex at the beach at Montpellier when we visited my Mom's sister Anne. The kids loved the beach. And this time Bex loved all of the beach, the sand and the water!!!

Sydoux getting ready to jump.

Gilles and Bex sharing a laugh.

Bex and my cousin Martin. They kinda look alike yes?

Xavier Martin and Bex on the old tractor. He got it running to the delight of the boys.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoying the heat.

Yes, it is hot here. And it is humid. But you know what??!! I love it. I love how I can be outside all day and night, and never have to worry about putting a sweater on, or pants, or both. No matter when, I'm hot.

I never missed this as much at this year. There, there is a cold wind at night, and sometimes during the day and it would chill me to the bone. Not of that here.

Of course it is awesome being home with hubby. He had had a couple of days off and we are taking full advantage of it to run errands, finish projects and of course a little us time.

One more week til Sydoux starts school.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outing Thursday

So it has been a few weeks since I've updated ... I'm now home, but I'll still try to update what happened over the past few weeks over a few posts.

Thursday were generally Outing Thursdays, also thought of as Fab Thursdays!!!

On the first Thursday I had a 'date' with my very good friend Francois from High School. So yeah, we go back a ways. He came and picked me up, as prompt as ever. I had asked to go to a Vegan restaurant, cuz of my diet and all, and he had found one (organice vegeterian) that was right around the corner. Tiny little restaurant named: Toute les couleurs (All the colors). Just walking in you feel a rush of quiet zen energy. It was half packed, but people were talking quietly and in a very relaxed manner. I was overwhelmed by the menu choices ... never had I seen so many vegan dishes!!!! I'm not going to go into what we ate, enough to say that is was delicious, filling and I could not wait to come back!! Francois liked it too, even though he is an avid meat eater. He played the game though, I have to give him huge props for that! There was a lot of conversation catch up between him and I. See, I think he is a little like me in the fact that every time I talked to him, he is into building a new company, new ideas, new everything!!! It is always awesome to listen to him. So many innovative ideas.

His wife AnneLiz stopped by for coffee, then he drove me home after a little drive around town in his new super fab car, with promises of a lunch next Thursday. Your On!

I think I napped ... all that talking can put a woman down.

That night I was invited to a sushi party at my friend Joelie's house. She does not live too far, so I decided to walk there. Walking in Lyon is one of my FAVORITE things to do. So many cute little streets, interesting shops. Just stuff to look at right and left. It took me an hour to walk there, my legs could tell that it was a while, but my brain thought was it had not taken more than 20 minutes! I wish I could walk like that every day.

I was really nice to see Joelie and all her family again. I helped a bit with the cooking, and was really happy to know how to make spring rolls. Definitely something I'll do again.
She had invited some close friends, and it was cool to see her moving in her 'french' circle of friends. It was even more fun discussing our opinions of each after wards!!! I had a new cocktail there was I liked: lychee liquor with a mix fruit juice. Sooo good.
We too, made plans for next Thursday.

On Friday we went back to La Barre for the weekend.

More tomorrow ....