Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The past week

Where to start??

I guess a list of the fab things that we did:

We visited my aunt in Montpellier and the kids had a blast at the beach. And the best thing is that even Bex had a great time (remember: loves the beach but not the water or the sand). Well, he went into the water, jumped some waves and played with the sand ... not a cry. I was sooo proud. Sydoux as usual played and played. I think later on she will live on a beach. We actually went twice to the beach.

We also visited my Mom's cousin and wife and their grandkids. Soo many cool things starting with their fab house. It is soo old and yet completely redone with modern stuff. It rocks. The kids had a blast. We went to pick apricots. Trees and trees laden with ripe, warm apricots. Stuffed my face.

Later we went to get fresh goat cheese. The kids have become addicted to goat cheese. So funny to watch. Bex went to pet a chicken, which ended up being a rooster, a pissed rooster. He pecked at Bex, made him fall on his but and pecked some more. Bex was PISSSSSED something fierce. He was so upset and then he was hurt too. Not a good trip for him.

We visited some very cute villages, all made of old old stone. Tons of cool little shops within the thick walls.

One thing was annoying: because of my diet I'm still not eating any dairy or meats. So it kinda sucks to go shopping. I miss being able to buy all the specialty cheese, the old pates, the awesome sausages.

We were happy to go back to La Barre for two days. We build a fort, played outside and today we drove to Lyon.

We went to my bro's house and the kids played. We could not help but notice that they did not play together as much. Whoooooo knoooows???

Tomorrow we are going to a cousin's birthday party .... Sydoux wanted to know if there was going to be a cake!!! I said yes and then she said: It certainly won't be like the once in Charlotte ....
Thursday I will be having lunch and dinner with friends, and then back to La Barre for a couple of days.

Hard to believe that we will be going home in two weeks. I think the kids will be ready, and so will I.
So far, the first week was the hardest for Sydoux. Bex is just Bex as usual. No change. Though he is speaking much more french then I would have ever thought.

We have been able to talk to Jon daily. Today we even got to talk with skype. Once thing that cracked the kids up was went they called Maesi and Maesi kept looking for us!!!!!

All together we have been having an awesome trip this far. I guess we are about half through.


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