Thursday, July 2, 2009

a Bitter Sweat Win

It is very hot here in Charlotte, and we spend most of our days at the pool. Sydoux has had swim lessons at 11.20 am. So we would leave the house a little before 11., put out towels at the outside pool, head into the inside pool (the 'warm' one, not 'the big' one), watch her do her swim lesson and then head outside.

There is a test that she can pass, and it allows her to swim alone in both the indoor pools, and to use the huge water slide in the outdoor pool.

We talked about the test, we tried to practice for the test, but she would be really stubborn and refuse to even try. Well, that leaves me fuming. Sure some days I forgot to take my 'be nice' pill, but some others, well ... I felt like I tried every thing, and the more I tried the less she wanted to try. Not an ideal situation.

One day, frustrated I tried to let it go (not my strong suit) but that day her swim partner past the test. Then she watched this iddy bitty little girl pass the test. And then ... I started calling her names. Ok so I'm not proud of this, just trying to do my best.
After two hours of name calling, she looks at me one last time and says: Let's go past that test.
I said: I'm not going if you are just going to stand there and refuse to try.
No she said, I'll take it.

Fine, we go over there, but I'm not holding my breath.

Sure enough, she past the test.

I have to admit it was hard for me to be reallllly happy. She said she was sorry for all the grief she had cause me (not her words, but that was the gist).

I don't know. I mean I'm glad she finally got it, but the road was nasty. I don't want to go there again. I've been telling her that she is always going to be a little scared, but that does not mean that she can't try.

I'm glad that it is over.

On other news, shit is still pilling up at Lisa's door. Hard to keep it together when the boat is leaking from many holes. But she IS doing, she IS holding it together. We have her little dog here right now, so nice to have a small dog for a change!! We love Kipper. Go Lisa.

On the other side of the street, Noelle is battling some medical deamons of her own. Sometimes we can feel so powerless in front of the dr. I mean that there is not much that you can say. It is accept or fire and find another one and start all over again. Not really a great way to get healthier.

We were super happy to see Gui stop by on her way back to New York. We have been seeing so much more of her than usual. All these trips down south are working in our favor :)
The kids are missing her already ... come back sooooon.

Other than that we are counting the days to our trip. D -5

Happy 4th!


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