Thursday, July 9, 2009


After a day or so of travel, we arrived in Lyon. For those who have been following my travel, and know that some have been rather painfull, this one was FAB. Just about no crying, the kids sitting in theirs seats without moving. The airline company on the other hand sucked pretty bad (US AIRWAYS). The food was more than the usual awful. The airline personal was rude. Whatever, we made it safely to the other side.

Mom took the kids to the park while I had a fab nap. I actually had not slept at all on the plane and was rather tired.

This morning I met up with my friend Joelie and two of her kids. It was soo easy to talk, to connect on things that we have in common. It is so interesting how easy it is to reconnect with some people you barely know, and how hard it can be to talk to some that you know better.

Then I had a hair appointment. Nothing drastic, just a nicer bob.

I walked back home, which is one of my favorite things to do in this city. There are beautiful streets, lined with shops on both sides. On top of that, alllllll the stores stuff was on sale 50% or more!!!! Of course I got things: a sweater, some books for the kids, a puzzle and some tea accessories.

After that Bex had an appointment with an Osteopath, which is something similar to a chiropractor. He works on the whole body. I remember how much it helped Bex last year, but to watch Bex cry was really trying. How to explain that the pain will actually make him feel better the next day? I don't know. I don't think I'll take him back. Too hard to watch.

Then we went to visit my brother. His daughters as soooo cute and funny and nice. The kids played and played and played!!! Bex was actually engaging Lucy to play which is something new. Of course the two older girls giggled and laughed. They barely stopped for some dinner and then went right back to playing. Fab. Looks like my Bro's getting a new job, and it will really turn things around for him. Good Luck.

It is 10.45 and the kids are still running around. They are supposed to be in bed, but really they are having a very hard time ajusting to not being at home. Sydoux has tantrums and Bex just keeps coming out. Hopefully that will even out cuz right now, that really sucks.

Tomorrow we are moving to the house in the country. I'm really looking forward to watching them play outside. The house is on a hill and I'm hoping they are old enough, really Bex, so that we can walk to the top.

Many many more things to come

±±±±±±±±±±±±±±± (I don't have the english typing help so please disregard all the spelling mistakes)

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