Wednesday, June 3, 2009

whaaa my cholesterol

Six months ago, an appointment was made for me to see a nutritionist. I was rather surprised since I think of us eating healthy. I went. The nutritionist told me my cholesterol was high!!! I could not have been more shocked. I used to be sooooo low.

During that first month after, I was checking all the labels and being very careful. Months later though I was totally forgotten about it, to be very honest.

Fast forward to today, when I had my follow up appointment. I took the kids again, they love playing with the fake food there. The food looks so real it is spoooooky.
Anyways, there I am smiling, looking forward to my lower numbers.
Well, low and behold, the numbers are higher!!! My cholesterol went up, my good cholesterol went down, bad one went up. The only good number was my sugar cholesterol which went down.

I was rather shuck up. Dang dang dang.

So while I was there, I committed to a diet without dairy and without animal products. I mean I know I am super sensitive about food (and other things!!) so I know I have to really stick to the right stuff in order to get back in the good numbers.

I've been a vegetarian for ten years previously, so really it is not that big a deal ... but still it is irritating.

Also I have this really annoying thing going on with my blood sugar dropping at weird times. Going to get that checked out in two weeks.

Then we had a great playdate with C. The girls played and played, I find it just too cute to watch. C. and I talk about the kids, the neighborhood, school and tons of things women talk about!

Then we met Lisa and Cathy at Monkey Joe's. Bex was REALLLLY looking forward to that, though he had been a troll all morning. He can be sooo madening:
Bex get dressed -> NO
Bex eat breakfast -> No
go play -> NO
go in the truck -> NO you get the idea!!!

The kids ran around like crazy at Monkey Joe's and we chatted. So now we have a third musketeer in our quest to loose pounds. Also, we agreed on weighing ourselves on our Wii Fit so it would be parial .... hihihhi ... and I guess no cheating!!!

Breakfast: two slices of whole weat with soy butter
Lunch: peanut butter on whole weat
Dinner: vegan bean buritto
Snack: blueberries

Tomorrow we wanted to go to the beach, but it looks like it is going to storm.


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