Monday, June 22, 2009

A trip to the In-Laws

We left Charlotte thursday night to spend a few days with Jon's parents in Columbus GA. It is about 1.5 hours south of Atlanta, on the border with Alabama.

We got there late on Thursday, with enough time for the cousins to play!

In the morning, Sydoux has noticed a high pile of presents, and asked to opened them!!


I think I'm just going to write about the highlights, the kids keep interrupting me!


Bex got a great book, some gardening tools and puzzles. Sydoux got several books, a necklace (pearl) and then Bebe (my MIL) took her to Wal-Mart for some Barbie dress shopping. Well miss Princess did not want dresses, and instead they came back with a super cute pink box full of makeup: powder, blush, lipsticks, nail polish etc.

Bebe hit the jackpot. Sydoux was sooooo happy. She kept reapplying all day, and then she would do the makeup for EVERYONE!! Too cute.

We spend a lot of time at the pool. It was awesome. The kids loved it, and it help beat the heat, which can get pretty hot in Columbus.
Sydoux made $35 by swimming the whole pool back and forth. She was sooo good. I really think I will keep her swimming, she is so strong and seems made for the pool.

Jon and his Dad

Bebe and Sydous relaxing in the pool.

On Saturday morning we went for a boat ride. The kids were ok, but they did not think it was all that. I, on the other hand, could have spent the day ... The ride was on Lake Harding and there are so many beautifull houses to look at. Plus with the wind, it makes it cooler than it actually is.

Grandpa, Bebe, Sydoux and Bex after the boat ride.

Sydoux, cool as a cucumber.

Bex as himself

Bebe catching some rays.

Grandpa chillin' with the kiddos.

We also did a birthday cake for Sydoux and Bex, since they had not seen their grandparents since. Bebe, Sydoux and I went to shop for the cake. I think Sydoux looked at every single one before deciding on an ice-cream cake. (I did not have any. I kept up my diet the whole time ... yeah for me!!!)

Cake eating time.

The cake.

Sydoux enjoying an ice-cream that she bought with her money. It was so big she did not actually finished it!!

So overall it was an awesome trip. The kids had a blast. Bex was actually interacting with his aunts and uncles a lot more than last time, it was fun to watch. Sydoux just loved spending time with her Bebe.
Jon and I did not have one fight (we usually do have a couple) and he got to spend time with his brothers.

I don't know, it was just relaxing and nice and fun. Enough exercice, not too much eating, a lot of great company. We were so psyched that we kinda planned to go back for Labor Weekend.


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