Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Money vs. Friendship

This morning, as I was driving to the pool, I was thinking about money and friendship. It is no surprise to anyone that the economy is tanking around here. People are losing their jobs every day, others are looking for a second jobs or any odd job.

The things that friends are used to doing together for months or years might not be the same. When it was once easy to do lunch out with the kids, now some would rather save the money, or rather don't have the money for extras. More shop at Goodwill than at the mall. Vacations are taking at home, with a trip to the playground and a waterhole in the backyard.

If you are used to a routine with your friends, but you can no longer participate, do you stay friends? Do you go out and look for friends with the same lifestyle? Is it a sign of a good friend, one that stays through hardships?

I can imagine if it goes the other way around, and your friends all of a sudden start making oodles of money. All you hear about is their fabulous caribbean vacations, the new cloths, the expensive restaurants etc. Would you still want to socialize? Would you look for friends who have a more similar lifestyle?

I'd like to think that I would stay with my friends no matter what their financial status is. I believe that all things even out, that every one will have a taste of hardship, as well as a period of prosperity. I think I can be supportive of someone going through a tough time. I like to think of myself as a helper. Could I be as supportive of someone who is vastly more affluent then me? That I'm not so sure of. I can imagine being jealous and it getting in the way. I guess I know what I need to work on.

This is to hoping the economy turns around.

On a lighter note, we had an awesome play date yesterday with Noelle and Owen at our house, then went to the pool and had a blast. Bex was glued to me for a good 50% of the time, but he eventually got in and had fun.

Today, pool again with most of the gang, and then Lisa came back to the house. The kids played, but I think we had more fun playing RockBand. I'm ready to start a band!!!!

Oh and we have a friendly wager about weight loss. Hopefully I'll be able to blog about some progress ... and keep me accountable ... so KEEP that donut/cookie/pie/cake for yourself you hear????


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