Monday, June 8, 2009

I love my Husband, he is the best

Yes he is. I know I've said that before, but I'll keep on saying it.

Today's reason for him being so awesome:

Yesterday he went to the Fresh Market and bought $100 worth of Vegan stuff. I'd shown him the vegan cookbooks, he wrote down some recipes and bought the ingredients to make them.

So for dinner we were treated to a Mushroom Risotto, totally vegan with brown rice. The kids loved it (somewhat ... they liked the rice, not so much the radiccio)

He also got a whole bunch of wholesome things I can whip up quickly.

So I love him, not only because he does not belittle my diet, but he he wholly supports it.

On a side funny note (Please Mom don't take this the wrong way, but it was rather funny for me)
I've been telling Mom about my new diet in hopes to get things right once we get to France. In about two minutes, I was informed that some parts of the chicken are ok, some ham is not that bad and that we will be eating Duck. So much for vegan!!!!

On other weekend news, Saturday at lunch we went to Taste of Charlotte and had a good time. The kids played and tasted a few things: spring rolls, ice creams, dipping dots, and one I might buy breakfast bagels with cream filling. The food was hit or miss. Jon said some of the pork was really dry, but others were good.
I stuck to a vegan soup that was awesome. Very fresh, and spicy with some ginger.

Some pictures:

The kids: 5 of them!

Bex and Logan playing in the fountain.

Enjoying ice cream (or as Bex says: i cream)

Jon and Bex

Sydoux and her 'little sister' Reagan

Hummm what's that???

Sydoux in charge of following Reagan.

Sunday we loaded our King size mattress that we don't like so much for a trade with Noelle. In the end, hers is not hard enough for Jon, and I reallllly like my new one, so she is going to sell hers, and we'll buy Jon a new one. Oufff. Mattress Story over!
We did see her new cat Mouse who is adorable!!! Having kittens or puppies is the best.

Then we went to Tyler's AWESOOOOOME birthday party. He turned 5 and was a very happy 5 year old. His party theme was 'Shine' from the wub girl. Yes, we know, not the most boyish thing, but I think his Mom was the Best at making him feel happy and not going on and on and on about the possible stereotype. Kids are just too little for that.
Anyways it was a blast. Bex loved the sand box and Sydoux played a lot in his new tree house.
Jon even came with us, though he did not stay the whole time. He has a little work to do with his social skills.

After the party, Bex was sooo tired he slept for an hour on my chest!!!! Sydoux went out to play. She can just play for ever.

Relaxed evening and there you have it, our weekend.

Today Monday we went to the pool. Love that pool, is is more like a waterpark. Sydoux spent most of her time playing with her friends and jumping in the 'deeper' end.
Bex still is not so confident to go out on his own. Hopefully he will soon!


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