Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day with the kids

well ... kinda!!! We stayed home in the morning, just cleaning and goofing around.

I've decided not to use the drier (or what passes for a drier here, because it is more of steamer than a drier) and to just totally hang dry. Hopefully there will be enough ventilation. Last time we did that, it stank something fierce. Since we have a dehumidifier.

For lunch, we went to chick-fil-a and no ... I did not eat anything there. Jon was so kind to meet me there so I could go to Super Target ALONE. ahhhh. To wonder around aimlessly (kinda) with no kids. It was fab.
What was not so fab, was me trying on foundation makeup, ten shakes too white, with no mirror and trying to get it off with no wipes. Anyways. You know how much makeup I wear. I better just to to Sephora and get some help.

Then I dashed home to eat a peanut butter on wheat toast sandwich. Rounded up all the library books and took the kids to the library.
It was amazing. Not the library. What was amazing was:
both the kids were playing on the computers, both using a program for the first time and what was amazing, was that Bex figured it out better and faster than Sydoux did. I was ... shocked.
We rounded up new books, which really in her category is getting harder, some videos (they zooomed on Peep (Thanks Lisa)), some audia books.

Note on the audio books.
Last time I had checked out 'Shiloh' and the first few minutes where in a very southern accent describing a lunch scene of rabbit that had been shoot ... not in the head so Son, you can eat it.
I turned it off as fast as I could.

This time I got 'Chalotte Web' and it goes: (in a very heavy southern accent) Ma' where is Pa' going? To the barn. Why does Pa' have an ax? Well we just got a new litter of pigs
I turned it off as fast as I could

Damn hard to find audio books these days.

After that I took them to kids time, a drop off day care. I got some pink paint for Sydoux' doll house, then headed to Barnes and Nobles to get some books on Vegan diet.
More latter on those books once I start cooking.

For dinner we had vegan pizza (almost, mine had some goat cheese (I don't want to throw it out))

Then we all went to the mall *** pouring rain *** to get Jon some running shoes and shorts. Got Bex some adorable Converse (pictures tomorrow), some grow in water animals, a new video game since the kids and I finished The Princess Game.

Now they are in bed and we are 'previewing' Bolt


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