Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bexism and an update on Nate

A few recent ones:

Cu' me -> excuse me

To Sydoux:
No me talking YOU
No me a'king You

As per Nate's update, this is what Lisa wrote:

Lisa Morehouse Saab Finally!, some good news on Nate! They were able to lower his PEEP (which I think is the pressure they have to put into his lungs) from 10 to 5 today. They are also weaning him off the sedation, and he was really responsive today. He could nod, squeeze hands, move his feet on command, etc. Still on the respirator, but good news!

We are keeping Lisa and her family in our thoughts. I can't begin to imagine the toll that it is taking on her and her sons.

As a result, I have had no stress lately over my coming up trip!!! Between Lisa and Noelle (who was not feeling so good today) I am feeling so sick with worry that I have had no time to feel anything but positive thoughts going their way.

The kids have also been running me ragged, but in a good way. They are just too funny to watch these days. They say you will miss the times when they are small, and sure, they are still small, but 3 and 5 is just a fabulous combination for us.

Sydoux is discovering what things costs. I'm wondering if it is time for an allowance. She is doing chores around the house. Maybe.

I'm tired. It's late. More pictures later.


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