Sunday, May 10, 2009

When things go left

It is mother's day weekend, but really, things did not go so well.

It pretty much started yesterday. The kids were watching a movie, and we told them that we would pause it while we went to BestBuy (we had a couple coupons). Of course the kids did not want to leave their movie. Fine, I thought, going with them is not all that fun. Jon agreed to stay home with them while I go.

I barely had the time to close the door that they are BOTH running outside, screaming, completely hysterical. 'we went to go with you'. I'm surprised. Did I not ask you if you wanted to go, and you said NO. Yes, they say, but now we want to go. Fine.

Once I the store, I asked Sydoux if she thought that Jon and I were both leaving, and if she got scared. Yes she said. You mean that Daddy would have stayed with us? Of course I say, I would NEVER leave you behind you goose. She felt a little better.

The next day.

I wake up and there is no Jon next to me. I can hear Bex in his crib (he would not go to sleep in his bed, so in his crib he is). The deal was the Jon was going to take care of the kids ... mother's day and all ... and that I would sleep in. Nope. I go get Bex out of his crib. I peek in the bonus room where Jon sometimes sleep (when I snore too loud). No Jon.
Oh how nice, I'm thinking he went to get breakfast, or he is out getting the Surprise. On the way back down I slice my toe. Blood everywhere. Papercut type with a piece of metal. Curse curse curse.

Then Jon shows up, in this PJ (no breakfast) grumpy as hell: apparently Maesi did NOT sleep last night, and barked and he had to stay with her and slept on the couch down stairs (I did not hear a thing but I did dream that I could hear a dog talk WORDS).

No breakfast.
My toe is pissing blood.
Jon is in a faul mood over lack of sleep and Maesi in general.
and the surprise is not ready.

Yeah, this is looking to be a great day, I can just feel it.

Talk to Mom a bit, they are having a family weekend in La Xaviere. One of thousand I've missed.

Still no breakfast though Jon is down with the kids. Bored I hobble down stairs.

Kids still had not eat, Bex is running around naked with only a pee stained shirt on.

Ahhhh the joy, I can fell it escaping.

After some toast, little coffee, I perk up a bit. We decide to go to Jon's office to fix the Surprise. The kids stay in the truck while we put together the powerwheel. Now this is how I had orginilaly thought it out.

Jon had three days to put the truck together, and charge the batterie, and we would surprise the kids with the truck in the garage, and they would ride it all day.

Instead, I had to help him put it together, the batterie was not charged so they could not ride it, Jon went to take a nap and I was left grumpy with two grumpy kids and a sore foot.

Bex napped. I napped.

Then Jon left to get some groceries for dinner. I'm left with my sore foot and one grumpy kid.

Finally things got a little better with a great dinner: surf and turf with a salad.

However much I love my husband, and all his help with everyday life, how he make me happy, how he plays with the kids, I have to say that he is not all that good with special occasion. Not a card, not a gift, the surprise not ready, grumpy. My birthdays are usually similar. I've learned to let go of special occasions and to just love him on regular days.
I think I am a winner in the long run, cuz there are a LOT more regular days, than special one. And if he can make regular days special, then I have no room to complain.

Happy Mother's Day.


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  1. Shakespeare really could have gotten as much tragicomic mileage out of day to day family life as he did from anything else.

    Sorry to hear your mother's day was so messed up. As you say though, at the end of the day, Life is Good!-John Finnegan