Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a week!!!

Today is Saturday and it feels like the week flew by.

Wednesday we had that awesome playdate at Lisa. She had a whole bunch of cool outdoor toys and we spent the whole time watching the kids play. There were pools, slip and slide, sprinklers, bikes, scooters and power wheels. Yeah thing with power wheels continued there.

As a side note about the power wheel, my most awesome husband had put $200 aside for MY birthday (how sweet is that???!!!!) and we decide it to put it towards Bex' present. Plus the money I make with the dogs, and we should be close by the time we are ready to buy. As an added help, my neighbor gets a discount at the store hihihihi

Thursday we had a french playdate. Sydoux and Amelie got along soooo well, it was great. They played all over the house, in the backyard and we even went for a bike/scooter/dog walk. They rolled in the grass and that was not so good because the grass was really tough and hurt the kids. They were so hitchy. Good thing she had a huge tub, and they all went in. Well not Sydoux because she was hurt, but she played there.

Also, Sydoux got really grumpy. I tried to talk her through it, and she was just hungry. It is not the first time this happens. Seems like she spends soo much energy that when she is depleted, she gets grumpy. Something to keep an eye on.

There they are, swinging happily.

We got home around 6 pm, which is about 2 hours later than usual!!! The time flew by, we had so much to talk about.

Which brings me to a point about things that are different here from there. Most things are very similar, but there are some marked difference. For instance you ask?
Well, the way children are spoken to and their place in the family.

In France, the say is: kids are seen but not heard. They don't get to make decisions, they pretty much follow what the parents want. It was rather noticeable on our trip in Florida with my 'Bro. For example: the kids had to be in bed before dinner, and the time that they stayed up, they had to be quiet, and play without us knowing that they were up.

In the US, the kids make all the decisions. Where to eat, when to eat and what to eat. Every chance they are asked what they want to do, how they want to do it, how long etc. For example, when I ask my friends if they want to come over for lunch, she always asks the kids to make sure that both/all want to go. Here kids are always confronted with questions with multiple possible answers.

Which way do Jon and I do? I think we do a little bit of both. I love hearing the kids running around, playing and being noisy. Sometimes I will ask them to go to their playroom, but in general I love watching them. As for choices, we ask them some times, but we only give two possible choices, and we don't ask them all the time. They get to decide what is for dinner once a week. They get to choose between two libraries, but not whether they go or not.

Parenting is a huge deal for us. We talk about it all the time. We tweak, change, adapt. I love our parenting style. It feels comfortable for us. We equally parent, and each have charge of the kids at different times during the week.

Last night was another good example. Bex was throwing a huge tantrum. Usually I don't deal with them the way I should, one because I don't have time, and two because when he cries, it makes Sydoux cry, and then I have two crying kids. Not good.
But last night, while I took care of Sydoux, Jon dealt with his tantrum and did not give in. I was so happy and proud. We did talk about it later, about how I need to deal more with it, rather than give in. How I should let Sydoux know that he might cry a bit, but that it will be ok at the end.

End of note on parenting. Oh yeah, I was talking about that because we talked about it a lot with Pascale and it was so good to discuss someone who knew what I went through.


Friday was great too, we went to the pool in the morning and met up with some friends. So pround of Bex for putting a life vest on, and swimming in the pool on his own. He usually stayes on the ramp. He really took off and enjoyed it. Sydoux did just a little swimming with me, but with all the is going on with her, I don't think it is time to push too hard.

In the afternoon, we went to the library, got 19 books. I can't believe how much we read. Everytime I try to just get a few, but we always end up with a ton, and read it all.
Then it was off to Trader Joes for our weekly shopping.

Once home, our neighbor gave the boys haircuts. They look soooo handsome.

Today Magali came with her kids and we went to the farmers market. It was a little lame because there were no farmers, but we did get some great strawberries.
Bex then played with Jacob for the rest of the day.

Sydoux playing with that colorful ball that she throws at the truck.

Bex and Jake in the pool

This morning at the market with Amelie.

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