Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sydoux' graduation and last day of school

This past week is a week of 'end'. Sydoux finished preschool, and they both had their last week and then day of school.

Summer Vacation!

Wednesday was Sydoux' graduation. It was really cute. All the kids were dressed up in their finest. They also had blue graduation caps on. The teachers had made cupcakes with the kids faces on them. In the back, you can see flowers, and each one has a baby picture of the kids.

Not the best pictures, but here they are.

A lot of the parents were there too. They read, they sang and then each was told what the teacher thought their future job would be: veterinarian for Sydoux. Then they each got their diplomas.

Sydoux said in school for some pizza (four slices), and Bex and I went to the VA so I could get my blood drawn. I also made an appointment with my dr. to talk about my blood sugar dropping during the day.

Thursday was their last day of school. They were pretty exited, and when I picked them up, they were soooo high on sugar!!!! Insead of doing a playdate, I took them to Trader Joes

We needed a lot of stuf!!!! Then we went to the library. We try to go there once a week, since we all read a lot. Sydoux goes through many many books a week. They also have dress up, puzzles, puppets show material and kids computers. They really enjoy going there. I've read recently an article about some really nasty libraries, but this one, being only three years old, is really clean, open and nice.

On the short way home Bex fell asleep and SLEPT SLEPT while I mowed. Poor thing was sooo tired. We wanted to do the slip and slide, but a storm stoped by. It rained buckets all night.

Friday we had a luau at the pool, with the whole school. There was food and toys. Sydoux had a blast right away. Water is one area that she can play by herself for hours. She also played with friends, then alone, then friends. Three hours later we left!!! Bex on the other hand, it took him two hours to start playing in the water. Once in though, he had a great time with the mini beach balls.

After that we came home and they had a blast with the slip and slide, the sprinkler and the pool.

Saturday was easy going. I took Sydoux for a bike ride at the Greenway, and ended up really pissed off cuz all she wanted to do was eat. Every bench she would ask if she could eat. Once she did eat she wanted to go home. Wahhhhhh. I told her I'm not taking her biking EVAH again.
Anyways, we talk about it later, and she said she would not ask to: eat eat eat. We'll see.
I mean, I'm not going to pack the bikes, snake, drink, drive to bike for two minutes. Blah.

I naped 4 hours in the afternoon so I don't know what happened then.

In the evening we had a neighbor, his two kids, and his Mom over for dinner. Very nice and laid back, the kids played with the cars, the trampoline and call kinds of stuff.

Jon and I watched the latest James Bond movie: Quantom something. It sucked big time. I was bored to tears. No wonder if was flop. Jon though the same thing.

Today Sunday is another lazy day. Maybe pool. Maybe just here, we'll see


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