Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rained out visit

Grandpa Jack came to visit on this Memorial Day/Bex' birthday. Unfortunately it rained the whole time.

Saturday morning we went to toysrus for Bex. He picked out a lego monster mining truck and Sydoux (of course she was going to get something) a barbie set. They were both really happy (of course they would??!!). Then we went into Petco. I always love looking at the fish. Bex wanted a turtle as a pet, but apparently they are illegal in the state of NC. So no turtle. Then we looked for crabs but did not find any either. We looked at ferrets, girbles, rats and other criters. Soooo cute.

Once we got home, I passed out cold. Naped for 3 hours and I'm not sure what happened during that time. I think the kids were playing next door.
Granpa Jack hid coins in the living room and Bex and Jacob looked for them. Then it was Sydoux and Dylan's turn. So much fun to see them running around and squeeling each time they found one! Divided by four, they had enought each to eat. Then the kids played outside a while, as the weather held out. Still driving around on the power wheels and jumping on the trampoline.

Jon make pulled pork for dinner. I think we forgot to baste it, and it was a little dry. Always remember: baste!

Then, after the kids went to bed we watch a movie Jack brought: Goya's Shadow. Very interesting, though a little brutle. Not for the sensitive. I also found shocking the role of the church during that period. bahh.

Sunday, this morning, we went to breakfast to IKEA. As apples from the same tree, Jack loves to go there!!!! We were among the first to get there. No many people know that the restaurant and the show room open at 9.30 and not 10.00 like the rest of the place.
We had a great breakfast, and on top of that it was free! IKEA was running a special for Memorial Weekend. No complaints. We were stuffed.
I was able to check the kids into the childwatch, and they did not even measure Bex (for those who remember, he used to be too small). So they were excited to go play.
We walked the showroom and saw so many things that we'd like for our house. We'd like to toss all of what we have and start new and coordinated. Ahh for another house.
In the end, we bought a trashcan for Sydoux' desk, a rug for the kitchen door, some storage boxes (they were on sale $2.99 instead of $5.99)

Once home, we watched the kids play. They enjoyed the Moon Sand Bex got for his birthday: Thanks Jenn!!! Bex had the red kind in a tray and Sydoux the grey kind. We has some accessories left over from Sydoux' moon sand. They played for ever!!!

And then Jack left and I napped.

A little after I woke up, Jenn called me up to ride with her and keep the girls in the car while she ran some errands. It is still raining and you just don't want to take little ones out in that mess. It cracked me up because someone mentioned Friday morning that they would pay for someone to ride so they would not have to take the kids in/out of the car!!!
I've been looking up what is the legal age to leave kids. It's fuzzy. Most sites say: NEVER. whatever. It would be nice to leave them in the car while they are watching TV while you pop in and out of a store.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and Jon is home. Yeah!!!

Random pictures from last week:

Bex chillin' on his truck.

Sydoux blowing bubbles

Sydoux and her best Bud Tyler: are they not sooo cute???

The kids chillin' watching TV. They curl up when they sit on the sofa, so sweet!

Sydoux leaving for class: disco day


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