Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new Mattress a new ...

Not too sure what I was expecting would be new, but today was a strange day.

About the mattress: oh it is a long story, of Jon not being able to sleep on our mattress cuz it is too soft, of him sleeping in the bonus room and of it just sucking in the long term.
So yesterday, we put his futon on our king bed frame, and I went to my favorite IKEA to buy a twin, to go with the futon. I found one that is firm, I figure we could both sleep on it.

So last night I went to sleep on my new mattress. One thing I did not foresee is the feeling of sleeping at someone else place. I'll get used to it.

Eventually I got up... late... ran to get dressed, get Bex some breakfast. Fix the kids lunch, fix breakfast for Sydoux, fix me some breakfast, and time to go.

Usually Bex goes to school without looking back. Not last time, I had to sit with him and this time, he would not let me go. For some reason I was not in the best of moods, the teacher was not doing a thing to help, so I took off with him: no candy, no playing with bubbles, no playing with the neighbor, no playing with me I have to study.... still he wanted to come home. Fine.

I did study. I also played with him. Then he wanted to go to school. Fine. I drive him there in time for lunch, plus I had forgotten Sydoux swim stuff, and was able to give it to her just on time.

I come home for my 45 minutes alone. arggghhhhh. I have to battle french paperwork and I have no clue what to do, and it is too late to talk to the bank (I called, no answer). So I call Mom and we have this long conversation about Gays adopting, and how I am for it, and how she is against it, and how we both have the best arguments. Generation gap?

Run back to pick up the kids. Lisa hands us the invites for Tyler's birthday. The kids have not put them down since: they are laminate invitations for his bash: AAAAAWSOME. Sydoux keeps asking me what time is the party at ... in weeks sweetie. (on a side note we were thinking about going to GA that weekend, but was able to reschedule ... ouf)

I wanted to go to the library before going to meet up with my friend P. but I forgot the card. So we came home, I cleaned a little, the kids played. I think that is when I actually tried to do my french paperwork.

We met at the 'jumperoo' at the local mall. Sydoux loves playing there, Bex not so much. But they played for about an hour, and then everyone came back here. Ahhhh the fun with the power wheels!!!! Jacob had left his in our yard, so all four kids had a seat. A. loved driving around, and Sydoux was pretty good sport letting her. Bex drove Z. around and was sooooo proud!!! Of course P. and I talked and talked and talked and not once looked at the clock. In the mean time the kids had gone upstairs and were playing all four in the tent. Sooo cute.

For dinner I made french toast. It was ok. Sydoux asked for dessert. Dessert is dinner sweetie!!!


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