Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have a dog. If I did not travel so much, and had more land I'd love to have many more.
As things stand though, we have a dog. Her name is Maesi, or Mimi.

Tonight, someone was trying to sell us stuff, or checking out the house for burglary, you never know. I had Maesi barking, with me holding her back on her collar. The man did not come close. Our neighbor also checked to see what was going on. I appreciate that.

Yesterday, I had someone else stop by the house. Same thing, I had Maesi barking, me holding her by her collar. When he asked if she was dangerous, I said, Oh yes. He jumped back. He was trying to sell me some security alarm. I pointed to Maesi and said 'No thanks, I've got what I need'.

She makes me feel safe. I know she would rip into people that attacked us. I can sense her protection. This is not a safe city, and having a German Shepherd helps.

Also, the kids LOVE to cuddle with her hihihi.

Today, during another Fab playgroup, she was just there, jumping around, playing. But I don't think she once jumped on a kid. Or at least not after the initial sniff. She was just running around, laying down in the grass, playing with the neighbor dog. It was great.

Maesi is a great asset to our family.


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  1. When we lived in Keeneland we had TONS of solicitors come -- despite the signage saying 'no soliciting'. It was annoying. Glad Gurl Dogg is doing her job. =)