Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bex, the birth

Honestly, I don't remember the details very clearly.

Mom and Manes (our family friend from Spain) were here to help out. One in Bex' room and the other in the bonus room. Sydoux was running around. There was lots of waiting. I think I went to the hospital once, waited half a day and then came back home.

On the 23th of May I checked back into the hospital, determined to have this baby already.
In the morning I was induced and given an epi. The dr said she would come back at noon to deliver the baby (during her lunch break!!).

At 12:30 Bex was born 7.11 lb and 19 inches. He had dark hair and very pink skin. He was very peacefull and I happy that he was healthy.

Very first breaths.

Meeting Sydoux and Jon

Getting comfortable!

The grandmas ooohhhh and ahhhh 'ing over the baby

The grandmas ooohhhh and ahhhh 'ing over the picture they took of the baby

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  1. superb memories ... j'ai bien h√Ęte de vous revoir tous : )