Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sydoux' graduation and last day of school

This past week is a week of 'end'. Sydoux finished preschool, and they both had their last week and then day of school.

Summer Vacation!

Wednesday was Sydoux' graduation. It was really cute. All the kids were dressed up in their finest. They also had blue graduation caps on. The teachers had made cupcakes with the kids faces on them. In the back, you can see flowers, and each one has a baby picture of the kids.

Not the best pictures, but here they are.

A lot of the parents were there too. They read, they sang and then each was told what the teacher thought their future job would be: veterinarian for Sydoux. Then they each got their diplomas.

Sydoux said in school for some pizza (four slices), and Bex and I went to the VA so I could get my blood drawn. I also made an appointment with my dr. to talk about my blood sugar dropping during the day.

Thursday was their last day of school. They were pretty exited, and when I picked them up, they were soooo high on sugar!!!! Insead of doing a playdate, I took them to Trader Joes

We needed a lot of stuf!!!! Then we went to the library. We try to go there once a week, since we all read a lot. Sydoux goes through many many books a week. They also have dress up, puzzles, puppets show material and kids computers. They really enjoy going there. I've read recently an article about some really nasty libraries, but this one, being only three years old, is really clean, open and nice.

On the short way home Bex fell asleep and SLEPT SLEPT while I mowed. Poor thing was sooo tired. We wanted to do the slip and slide, but a storm stoped by. It rained buckets all night.

Friday we had a luau at the pool, with the whole school. There was food and toys. Sydoux had a blast right away. Water is one area that she can play by herself for hours. She also played with friends, then alone, then friends. Three hours later we left!!! Bex on the other hand, it took him two hours to start playing in the water. Once in though, he had a great time with the mini beach balls.

After that we came home and they had a blast with the slip and slide, the sprinkler and the pool.

Saturday was easy going. I took Sydoux for a bike ride at the Greenway, and ended up really pissed off cuz all she wanted to do was eat. Every bench she would ask if she could eat. Once she did eat she wanted to go home. Wahhhhhh. I told her I'm not taking her biking EVAH again.
Anyways, we talk about it later, and she said she would not ask to: eat eat eat. We'll see.
I mean, I'm not going to pack the bikes, snake, drink, drive to bike for two minutes. Blah.

I naped 4 hours in the afternoon so I don't know what happened then.

In the evening we had a neighbor, his two kids, and his Mom over for dinner. Very nice and laid back, the kids played with the cars, the trampoline and call kinds of stuff.

Jon and I watched the latest James Bond movie: Quantom something. It sucked big time. I was bored to tears. No wonder if was flop. Jon though the same thing.

Today Sunday is another lazy day. Maybe pool. Maybe just here, we'll see


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new Mattress a new ...

Not too sure what I was expecting would be new, but today was a strange day.

About the mattress: oh it is a long story, of Jon not being able to sleep on our mattress cuz it is too soft, of him sleeping in the bonus room and of it just sucking in the long term.
So yesterday, we put his futon on our king bed frame, and I went to my favorite IKEA to buy a twin, to go with the futon. I found one that is firm, I figure we could both sleep on it.

So last night I went to sleep on my new mattress. One thing I did not foresee is the feeling of sleeping at someone else place. I'll get used to it.

Eventually I got up... late... ran to get dressed, get Bex some breakfast. Fix the kids lunch, fix breakfast for Sydoux, fix me some breakfast, and time to go.

Usually Bex goes to school without looking back. Not last time, I had to sit with him and this time, he would not let me go. For some reason I was not in the best of moods, the teacher was not doing a thing to help, so I took off with him: no candy, no playing with bubbles, no playing with the neighbor, no playing with me I have to study.... still he wanted to come home. Fine.

I did study. I also played with him. Then he wanted to go to school. Fine. I drive him there in time for lunch, plus I had forgotten Sydoux swim stuff, and was able to give it to her just on time.

I come home for my 45 minutes alone. arggghhhhh. I have to battle french paperwork and I have no clue what to do, and it is too late to talk to the bank (I called, no answer). So I call Mom and we have this long conversation about Gays adopting, and how I am for it, and how she is against it, and how we both have the best arguments. Generation gap?

Run back to pick up the kids. Lisa hands us the invites for Tyler's birthday. The kids have not put them down since: they are laminate invitations for his bash: AAAAAWSOME. Sydoux keeps asking me what time is the party at ... in weeks sweetie. (on a side note we were thinking about going to GA that weekend, but was able to reschedule ... ouf)

I wanted to go to the library before going to meet up with my friend P. but I forgot the card. So we came home, I cleaned a little, the kids played. I think that is when I actually tried to do my french paperwork.

We met at the 'jumperoo' at the local mall. Sydoux loves playing there, Bex not so much. But they played for about an hour, and then everyone came back here. Ahhhh the fun with the power wheels!!!! Jacob had left his in our yard, so all four kids had a seat. A. loved driving around, and Sydoux was pretty good sport letting her. Bex drove Z. around and was sooooo proud!!! Of course P. and I talked and talked and talked and not once looked at the clock. In the mean time the kids had gone upstairs and were playing all four in the tent. Sooo cute.

For dinner I made french toast. It was ok. Sydoux asked for dessert. Dessert is dinner sweetie!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rained out visit

Grandpa Jack came to visit on this Memorial Day/Bex' birthday. Unfortunately it rained the whole time.

Saturday morning we went to toysrus for Bex. He picked out a lego monster mining truck and Sydoux (of course she was going to get something) a barbie set. They were both really happy (of course they would??!!). Then we went into Petco. I always love looking at the fish. Bex wanted a turtle as a pet, but apparently they are illegal in the state of NC. So no turtle. Then we looked for crabs but did not find any either. We looked at ferrets, girbles, rats and other criters. Soooo cute.

Once we got home, I passed out cold. Naped for 3 hours and I'm not sure what happened during that time. I think the kids were playing next door.
Granpa Jack hid coins in the living room and Bex and Jacob looked for them. Then it was Sydoux and Dylan's turn. So much fun to see them running around and squeeling each time they found one! Divided by four, they had enought each to eat. Then the kids played outside a while, as the weather held out. Still driving around on the power wheels and jumping on the trampoline.

Jon make pulled pork for dinner. I think we forgot to baste it, and it was a little dry. Always remember: baste!

Then, after the kids went to bed we watch a movie Jack brought: Goya's Shadow. Very interesting, though a little brutle. Not for the sensitive. I also found shocking the role of the church during that period. bahh.

Sunday, this morning, we went to breakfast to IKEA. As apples from the same tree, Jack loves to go there!!!! We were among the first to get there. No many people know that the restaurant and the show room open at 9.30 and not 10.00 like the rest of the place.
We had a great breakfast, and on top of that it was free! IKEA was running a special for Memorial Weekend. No complaints. We were stuffed.
I was able to check the kids into the childwatch, and they did not even measure Bex (for those who remember, he used to be too small). So they were excited to go play.
We walked the showroom and saw so many things that we'd like for our house. We'd like to toss all of what we have and start new and coordinated. Ahh for another house.
In the end, we bought a trashcan for Sydoux' desk, a rug for the kitchen door, some storage boxes (they were on sale $2.99 instead of $5.99)

Once home, we watched the kids play. They enjoyed the Moon Sand Bex got for his birthday: Thanks Jenn!!! Bex had the red kind in a tray and Sydoux the grey kind. We has some accessories left over from Sydoux' moon sand. They played for ever!!!

And then Jack left and I napped.

A little after I woke up, Jenn called me up to ride with her and keep the girls in the car while she ran some errands. It is still raining and you just don't want to take little ones out in that mess. It cracked me up because someone mentioned Friday morning that they would pay for someone to ride so they would not have to take the kids in/out of the car!!!
I've been looking up what is the legal age to leave kids. It's fuzzy. Most sites say: NEVER. whatever. It would be nice to leave them in the car while they are watching TV while you pop in and out of a store.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and Jon is home. Yeah!!!

Random pictures from last week:

Bex chillin' on his truck.

Sydoux blowing bubbles

Sydoux and her best Bud Tyler: are they not sooo cute???

The kids chillin' watching TV. They curl up when they sit on the sofa, so sweet!

Sydoux leaving for class: disco day


Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was Bex' 3 year old Birthday Party

What a wonderful day for a party!!! The weather was perfect (which is getting rare here!!!).

I had decided to do the party during a morning school day so there would not be any 'big' kids. For some reason, it was important to me to have Bex and his friends have the yard for themselves. I did invite a friend for Sydoux so she would have someone to play with.

So Logan, Even, Jacob and Bex had the yard to themselves!!! Everyone had brought their power wheels and where driving like mad 3 year olds!!! Sydoux had hung some balloons and candy on the tree and trampoline. It was just fun to look at them running around, and trying to figure things out for themselves.

I have to say a special thanks to all my girlfriends for coming and making this day special. I love every one of them dearly, and not much can make me happier than seing my kids playing and being able to talk to my friends. Thank you all so much!!!!

In the end some of the big kids came, and it was really cool because the little ones had pretty much run out of ideas!!!! The big kids drove around and squeeled just as much as the little ones had.

Bex opened his presents on the trampoline with the boys. Oh and ahhh he was psyched by everything.

Here are the pictures:

The kids before the party, eager for it to start. 'mine party now?' says Bex.

Bex eating his birthday cake. It was chocolate with some blue cream cheese icing.

The girls riding the 'little truck'

Birthday boy tired of me taking pictures.

The gang driving around the yard.

Playing with the balloons.

Opening the presents on the trampoline.

Bex running in his new sprinkler. Thanks Lisa he LOVES it!!!

For those of you wondering where Maesi was, she was playing with her neighbor friend Milo.
She was fine until Milo went 'home' then she really wanted to play with the kids.

Thanks to all for a great day.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bex, the first year

Here are pictures from his first year: Big Eyes.

This was his first bath! oh it was sooo funny. He did not cry but his eyes were sooo big.

Ahh the sweetest smile

Me trying to catch him with his big eyes!!!

Catching Bex in a rare (very rare nap)

In his first crib. The same one I used for Sydoux. Mom brought it from France. We still have it and use it for stuffed animals.

First Halloween. Oh he was soooo cute and made me laugh sooo hard.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bex, the birth

Honestly, I don't remember the details very clearly.

Mom and Manes (our family friend from Spain) were here to help out. One in Bex' room and the other in the bonus room. Sydoux was running around. There was lots of waiting. I think I went to the hospital once, waited half a day and then came back home.

On the 23th of May I checked back into the hospital, determined to have this baby already.
In the morning I was induced and given an epi. The dr said she would come back at noon to deliver the baby (during her lunch break!!).

At 12:30 Bex was born 7.11 lb and 19 inches. He had dark hair and very pink skin. He was very peacefull and I happy that he was healthy.

Very first breaths.

Meeting Sydoux and Jon

Getting comfortable!

The grandmas ooohhhh and ahhhh 'ing over the baby

The grandmas ooohhhh and ahhhh 'ing over the picture they took of the baby

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bex, the pregnancy

Yes, that is me,
with Bex in my belly!!

Just like Sydoux, I found out that I was pregnant in France (how weird huh??!!!). This time, though, I did not tell Jon over the phone, I waited until we were alone at home the day I got back. It was also interesting that it was the first night I spent in the new home that Jon had bought while we were away.
It was an OK pregnancy, little drama with some potential bad news right at christmas time, but besides that, all good. Thanks to the amnio, we knew it was a boy and named him:
Benedict Xavier Andrews => Bex.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting ready for my Boy

My little one is going to be 3. So this week, I'm sorting through pictures, preparing presents and working on his birthday week.

I'm dedicating this week to my Bex.

To Sydoux this morning:

Us share mine Puppy, Tidou


Friday, May 15, 2009

Wonders of the Philippines

Wonders of the Philippines

Stumbled upon this site this morning. Looks like a dream to me.

Other than that, we have had a good week. The kids loved their friends birthday party at BounceU on Wednesday.

Yesterday they wanted to bounce some more, so we went to Monkey Joes and they bounced for TWO hours!!
Then Jon and I took them to kids time and we went shopping :D for cloths! It was soo cool, just the two of us, trying on all kinds of stuff. He picked mine and I picked his. Definitely do that again.

Today we are looking forward to another birthday party. Bex' pal Evan is turning 3.

Tomorrow Sydoux' school friend Zac is turning 5 and is having 'splash' party. I hope it won't rain.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

random pictures

I had a bunch of pictures of playdates, mother's day and stuff, but turns out they are not that good.

So just these two:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When things go left

It is mother's day weekend, but really, things did not go so well.

It pretty much started yesterday. The kids were watching a movie, and we told them that we would pause it while we went to BestBuy (we had a couple coupons). Of course the kids did not want to leave their movie. Fine, I thought, going with them is not all that fun. Jon agreed to stay home with them while I go.

I barely had the time to close the door that they are BOTH running outside, screaming, completely hysterical. 'we went to go with you'. I'm surprised. Did I not ask you if you wanted to go, and you said NO. Yes, they say, but now we want to go. Fine.

Once I the store, I asked Sydoux if she thought that Jon and I were both leaving, and if she got scared. Yes she said. You mean that Daddy would have stayed with us? Of course I say, I would NEVER leave you behind you goose. She felt a little better.

The next day.

I wake up and there is no Jon next to me. I can hear Bex in his crib (he would not go to sleep in his bed, so in his crib he is). The deal was the Jon was going to take care of the kids ... mother's day and all ... and that I would sleep in. Nope. I go get Bex out of his crib. I peek in the bonus room where Jon sometimes sleep (when I snore too loud). No Jon.
Oh how nice, I'm thinking he went to get breakfast, or he is out getting the Surprise. On the way back down I slice my toe. Blood everywhere. Papercut type with a piece of metal. Curse curse curse.

Then Jon shows up, in this PJ (no breakfast) grumpy as hell: apparently Maesi did NOT sleep last night, and barked and he had to stay with her and slept on the couch down stairs (I did not hear a thing but I did dream that I could hear a dog talk WORDS).

No breakfast.
My toe is pissing blood.
Jon is in a faul mood over lack of sleep and Maesi in general.
and the surprise is not ready.

Yeah, this is looking to be a great day, I can just feel it.

Talk to Mom a bit, they are having a family weekend in La Xaviere. One of thousand I've missed.

Still no breakfast though Jon is down with the kids. Bored I hobble down stairs.

Kids still had not eat, Bex is running around naked with only a pee stained shirt on.

Ahhhh the joy, I can fell it escaping.

After some toast, little coffee, I perk up a bit. We decide to go to Jon's office to fix the Surprise. The kids stay in the truck while we put together the powerwheel. Now this is how I had orginilaly thought it out.

Jon had three days to put the truck together, and charge the batterie, and we would surprise the kids with the truck in the garage, and they would ride it all day.

Instead, I had to help him put it together, the batterie was not charged so they could not ride it, Jon went to take a nap and I was left grumpy with two grumpy kids and a sore foot.

Bex napped. I napped.

Then Jon left to get some groceries for dinner. I'm left with my sore foot and one grumpy kid.

Finally things got a little better with a great dinner: surf and turf with a salad.

However much I love my husband, and all his help with everyday life, how he make me happy, how he plays with the kids, I have to say that he is not all that good with special occasion. Not a card, not a gift, the surprise not ready, grumpy. My birthdays are usually similar. I've learned to let go of special occasions and to just love him on regular days.
I think I am a winner in the long run, cuz there are a LOT more regular days, than special one. And if he can make regular days special, then I have no room to complain.

Happy Mother's Day.


Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have a dog. If I did not travel so much, and had more land I'd love to have many more.
As things stand though, we have a dog. Her name is Maesi, or Mimi.

Tonight, someone was trying to sell us stuff, or checking out the house for burglary, you never know. I had Maesi barking, with me holding her back on her collar. The man did not come close. Our neighbor also checked to see what was going on. I appreciate that.

Yesterday, I had someone else stop by the house. Same thing, I had Maesi barking, me holding her by her collar. When he asked if she was dangerous, I said, Oh yes. He jumped back. He was trying to sell me some security alarm. I pointed to Maesi and said 'No thanks, I've got what I need'.

She makes me feel safe. I know she would rip into people that attacked us. I can sense her protection. This is not a safe city, and having a German Shepherd helps.

Also, the kids LOVE to cuddle with her hihihi.

Today, during another Fab playgroup, she was just there, jumping around, playing. But I don't think she once jumped on a kid. Or at least not after the initial sniff. She was just running around, laying down in the grass, playing with the neighbor dog. It was great.

Maesi is a great asset to our family.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I made Jelly.

So it is more like a syrup than jelly, but I made it.

On Monday we went strawberry picking (with Lisa and her fab crew) and came back with 8 quarts = 2 huge baskets. After giving a bunch, eating a lot, I cooked the rest.


  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries, hulled
  • 4 cups white sugar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice


In a wide bowl, crush strawberries in batches until you have 4 cups of mashed berry. In a heavy bottomed saucepan, mix together the strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice. Stir over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to high, and bring the mixture to a full rolling boil. Boil, stirring often, until the mixture reaches 220 degrees F (105 degrees C).

I even strained it. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll make ice-cream and mix in the syrup. Jon and I have also tried to can some for later.

It was pretty cool.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I like Obama

Sure, he had a lot of interesting policies.
Sure politics are somewhat different with him.

But this makes me like him:

Ray's Hell Burger: Obama, Biden Go Out For Lunch

From: The Huff

He just goes to lunch. Sure the motorcade is there, but he just . goes. to . lunch. He connects with people. He goes on dates with his wife. His mother in law watches his kids. The is so much normal around the president, I find that great.

That's it.

Oh and it's raining.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a week!!!

Today is Saturday and it feels like the week flew by.

Wednesday we had that awesome playdate at Lisa. She had a whole bunch of cool outdoor toys and we spent the whole time watching the kids play. There were pools, slip and slide, sprinklers, bikes, scooters and power wheels. Yeah thing with power wheels continued there.

As a side note about the power wheel, my most awesome husband had put $200 aside for MY birthday (how sweet is that???!!!!) and we decide it to put it towards Bex' present. Plus the money I make with the dogs, and we should be close by the time we are ready to buy. As an added help, my neighbor gets a discount at the store hihihihi

Thursday we had a french playdate. Sydoux and Amelie got along soooo well, it was great. They played all over the house, in the backyard and we even went for a bike/scooter/dog walk. They rolled in the grass and that was not so good because the grass was really tough and hurt the kids. They were so hitchy. Good thing she had a huge tub, and they all went in. Well not Sydoux because she was hurt, but she played there.

Also, Sydoux got really grumpy. I tried to talk her through it, and she was just hungry. It is not the first time this happens. Seems like she spends soo much energy that when she is depleted, she gets grumpy. Something to keep an eye on.

There they are, swinging happily.

We got home around 6 pm, which is about 2 hours later than usual!!! The time flew by, we had so much to talk about.

Which brings me to a point about things that are different here from there. Most things are very similar, but there are some marked difference. For instance you ask?
Well, the way children are spoken to and their place in the family.

In France, the say is: kids are seen but not heard. They don't get to make decisions, they pretty much follow what the parents want. It was rather noticeable on our trip in Florida with my 'Bro. For example: the kids had to be in bed before dinner, and the time that they stayed up, they had to be quiet, and play without us knowing that they were up.

In the US, the kids make all the decisions. Where to eat, when to eat and what to eat. Every chance they are asked what they want to do, how they want to do it, how long etc. For example, when I ask my friends if they want to come over for lunch, she always asks the kids to make sure that both/all want to go. Here kids are always confronted with questions with multiple possible answers.

Which way do Jon and I do? I think we do a little bit of both. I love hearing the kids running around, playing and being noisy. Sometimes I will ask them to go to their playroom, but in general I love watching them. As for choices, we ask them some times, but we only give two possible choices, and we don't ask them all the time. They get to decide what is for dinner once a week. They get to choose between two libraries, but not whether they go or not.

Parenting is a huge deal for us. We talk about it all the time. We tweak, change, adapt. I love our parenting style. It feels comfortable for us. We equally parent, and each have charge of the kids at different times during the week.

Last night was another good example. Bex was throwing a huge tantrum. Usually I don't deal with them the way I should, one because I don't have time, and two because when he cries, it makes Sydoux cry, and then I have two crying kids. Not good.
But last night, while I took care of Sydoux, Jon dealt with his tantrum and did not give in. I was so happy and proud. We did talk about it later, about how I need to deal more with it, rather than give in. How I should let Sydoux know that he might cry a bit, but that it will be ok at the end.

End of note on parenting. Oh yeah, I was talking about that because we talked about it a lot with Pascale and it was so good to discuss someone who knew what I went through.


Friday was great too, we went to the pool in the morning and met up with some friends. So pround of Bex for putting a life vest on, and swimming in the pool on his own. He usually stayes on the ramp. He really took off and enjoyed it. Sydoux did just a little swimming with me, but with all the is going on with her, I don't think it is time to push too hard.

In the afternoon, we went to the library, got 19 books. I can't believe how much we read. Everytime I try to just get a few, but we always end up with a ton, and read it all.
Then it was off to Trader Joes for our weekly shopping.

Once home, our neighbor gave the boys haircuts. They look soooo handsome.

Today Magali came with her kids and we went to the farmers market. It was a little lame because there were no farmers, but we did get some great strawberries.
Bex then played with Jacob for the rest of the day.

Sydoux playing with that colorful ball that she throws at the truck.

Bex and Jake in the pool

This morning at the market with Amelie.