Friday, April 3, 2009

We are some bad bad parents.

Hind sight is always 20/20 ain't it??

It all started this morning with Sydoux saying that her tummy hurt. Now, if you have know Sydoux for a while, you would know that she does not like to go to the bathroom and that her tummy hurts periodically.

Go to the bathroom!

Go to the bathroom!
No. Moan Moan.

After an hour of that, I tell her: would you please just go to the bathroom, you'll feel so much better.
There is no way you can force a 5 yo to go.

Moan Moan Moan.

Jon and I are getting a little irritated at this point. Feels like we have seen this movie already and we know how it needs to end. To her credit, she does moan more than usual, and she is laying on the couch.

I tell her to take a bath. It helps and soothes.

Not being the type of parent that like to hear NO NO NO all day, I give her an ultimatum. Either you go take a bath and try to feel better, or you go moan in your room.

Fine, I'll take a bath. She comes out refreshed and happy. Yeah for us.
Convince her to try the bathroom one last time before going to IKEA. No result but at least she tried.

Off we go to IKEA. We were going to have lunch and then shop.

We get in the line, and Sydoux has a burb. By the look of it a sour one.

Then she throws up.

I walk her a bit. She throws up again.

I take her back, away from the line and food and customers, and she throws up again.

Ooops maybe she is sick???

I take her to the bathroom and gently clean her up, yup, slightly guilty ...

We have a quick lunch, she does not eat much. She says she feels better. We walk around to distract her, but we go home pretty quickly.
Once we get home, we all go to rest. She wakes up, walkes into my room and throws up all over our bed. Takes another bath, with Bex this time.
Down we go, she rest. She plays. She throws up on the sofa.

Mild fever says the thermometer.

She did not eat much today. I put a bed for me next to hers. All I can do is hug her and help her through this. I know my child is a bit of a drama queen. But really, I need to take the time and stop and accept the possibility that she is really meaning what she is saying.


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  1. Well, poor little thing and guilty Mutty ! What kind of egg hunt ? this type of ******** bad sugarissssssssssssssimi junk food ? GM