Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday is a great day here. Mostly because both kids go to school. I can't believe the silence while both are gone. Usually I hear voices after two hours and keep looking for them.

This morning I got to study, to mop and to just relax. It was great!
Some say they are a better mom when they work, I think I'm a better mom when alone wink wink.

I'm still sore from yesterday's workout. Not sure how I'll manage tomorrow!

Then I picked up the kids, they both had a great time. The routine is coming back. Bex had a bit of a hard time after being away for a week. We went to play at Ashley's time. I love it there, we chat on the porch, watching the cars go by. The kids playing inside and out, it is so nice.
One sad thing is their dog is dying a slow death. I think it is in these tough time that you can see the commitment people make to their pets. Death is not pretty.

Sydoux make me laugh so hard. We are going over our french lesson and I asked her if she knows the work for fingers:
Sydoux: Le Fingarz, she said with her best ever french accent. I was dying laughing. Smarty pants.


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