Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ok so maybe we don't suck all the time

Today was a BIG day in the Andrews household:

The event: Sydoux biking by herself. I thought it would take a couple more weeks, but low and behold, she did it.

concentrating hard...

All on her own.

Smile of intense pride.

Oh Im so happy

First thing she said was: let's write a letter to GrandMere and tell her about it. Then she wanted to show Andy how she could bike. She did the back and forth several times. Still needs a little work on starting on her own, but that is nothing :)

The other day they had an egg hunt at school:

The 4/5 yo had to read the name of the eggs and find their own.

The 2/3 yo just picked up any 12 of the thousands of eggs on the ground.

Both were very happy. Well, Sydoux not that much, a little too much chaos for her. Bex loved it. He can really be in his own little world, oblivious to what is going around.

Then a couple of pix I like, playing around with bunny ears. They were enjoying wonderful lolipops that their friends Tyler and Evan brought back. See the smiles on their faces.

That's it for today. Have a good night.


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  1. Proud Grand Mère is very happy !!

    B R A V O