Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My vegan meal

Well, it was almost vegan (there was a little bacon and some cream), but really, it was mostly lentils, tomatoes, onions and spices. At first they looked at it funny, but once I told them they could eat it as a dip with crackers, they ate the whole thing!! Sometimes you just have to try. Me ... I had two bowl.

Others news: my blackberry fell in the toilet. So did Jon's. All within 3 days. How do these things happen??? Mine still works and Jon had to get a new one. Good thing it happen that way because he had insurance and I do not.

Bex has been overly tired and I think he has had many accidents because of it. So I'm thinking more home/nap time and less play. This week:
Monday at the beach
Tuesday at the library
Wednesday at Noelle and then Chris'
Tomorrow would be Cathy, but I think something is going on with him and he needs to nap. So we'll see.
Friday Jon is taking the day off and we are hoping to go to the white water rafting center ... of course if it does not rain.


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