Friday, April 17, 2009

In Florida

Best Cousins Sydoux and Laura. They spent hours playing side by side.

Best cousins sitting on the huge buggy.

Bex and I on the buggy.

The crocs, the were every where.

Bex checking out the raccoons.

Chapin ready to go on the boat

Bex ready to go... with his ear plugs!!!

and Sydoux ready to go. Cool as a cucumber!

Favorite transportation around here is the gold cart.

Sooo tired after a day of hard sightseeing.

Giraffe feeding.

Girls getting to know each other all over again.

Don't they look like sisters????

Who LOOOOOVES donuts??

First day on the pony ride.

So here we are, in fab Florida, West Palm Beach the beautiful.

The cousins, ants and uncles are great. The weather cooler than I would have thought.

Funny Things:

Franck thought that the mating calls of frogs were crocodiles. The boys went looking for crocs and found ... little frogs.

Sydoux called Hippos Hippalos. She is practicing swimming on her own and is doing better every day.

Bex learned to swim with a floating ring.

Yesterday we went on the most amazing ride in the swamp. We took an air boat and were surrounded by crocodiles, birds and raccoons. Then we took a buggy on steroids and wrote around the reservation.

More tomorrow.



  1. Super news, thanks for all the good pictures, really happy that all goes so well ! Best everything to all ! G M

  2. Great pics!! Looks like you're having fun! Enjoy, see you soon, Noelle