Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Florida . Part 2

So many pictures, not in any order. Tomorrow I'll put up the ones of the beach (they are on a different camera, and I'm not sure where that one is(Something to be said for the ease of having pictures on the phone))

Bex and Jon sleeping this morning. They were just tooooo cute.

The girls sharing a chair. We often had donuts in the morning, and the kids ate allll their breakfast on those days. No complaining. Uh huh.

The girls and Bex playing go fish. They looooved it. It was so funny listening to them. Neither really knew the numbers, so they would show their hands and point to a card.
Bex was helping Sydoux by giving Laura the chosen card. Team work to its best.

Chaping has a tea set and some plastic food (thank you soooo much for being a great sharer) and the kids played over and over with it. There was a little discussion of who should have the chocolate, but overall they did awesome. At some point they hid behing a door and would play locked in a little space.

Cara, Donal and Chapin (I own that pool!) pool in the back of their house was ABSOLUTELY fab fab fab. The kids LOVED it. What isn't there to love: it's there, and it's hot. Everyday we went, and the kids had a blast. We played Simon says, we did the train, Sydoux and Laura practised swimming. I think Sydoux is about ready to take her swimming test at the aquatic center.
Once again the girls played played and played. As they say: Best Cousins.

Shopping at Target. Lucy is the sleepy head on the pillow.
Bex loves his new hat. The girls decided they were twins.

Granpa Jack hid the eggs for a great egg hunt. First the two small ones, then the two older ones.
Squeels of laughter as they found chocolate eggs and small plastic animals.

The ladies hard at work.

I forgot to post this picture with the boat ones.

So much more to write and say. Tomorrow.


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