Friday, April 24, 2009

Florida . Last Part

So it was an amazing week.

Sydoux learned how to swim sticking her head out of the water.
Bex figured out how to use a floaty ring. For the first time he was swimming in the water, all over the pool.
Sydoux saw some 'Hippalows' at the zoo!!!

About reconnecting with family.

It was a while since I had spent time with my Aunt Marilyn. To some extent I can say that I never did spend time with her as an adult. I saw her a couple of times as a child, the first time I remember when I was 10 and we cam to the USA for my grandmother's 80th birthday. Then a few more time here and there. The last time I saw her?? I don't even remember.

So on this trip, I was hoping that we could at best connect, at worst not fight (I hate conflict(turns out so does she!!!)). Not looking for best friends, but some middle ground. I don't think I was prepared for how awesome I found her. The kindness, the acceptance, the open mindedness, it was great. Over the course of the week, I got to know and love Marilyn, my aunt.

At the same time, I also got to connect with my cousin Cara, the only one I have on the Utermehle side. Since I last saw her, she got married and has a child, a girl just about the same age as Bex. They were sooo kind to house us and share toys, pool etc.
Her husband was very attentive, kind and funny. Him and Bex were quite a pair!!!! He took all the kids on a pony ride, and Bex who I thought was the more reluctant one, loved it and was asking for more all week.

One a funny note, all the cousins looked like they could be brother and sisters.

On musing about going on vacation with a different family, well I was not very well prepared. I Think each family has his agenda, and I am wondering if families usually talk about what they want to do before leaving, to see if there are some compatibilities.
For me, I felt I was going on vacation for the cousins to play together, and have fun with their aunts and uncles. So maybe I'm always kid centered, or it is the fybromyalgia or I'm just lazy, but I just love watching them. To me SIL seemed to have a different agenda, which was much more centered on doing adult activities, or things that are specific to Florida.
Next time, I'll ask before hand. Always something to learn right??!!!


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