Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easy does it.

Nice relaxed day. We still need to work on beds. Bex was sleeping with me.
Jon woke up Sydney at 7.30, he had to go to work.
Sydney woke me up. She woke up Bex. If Jon could have slept in Bex' bed, Sydoux would have slept. Bex would have slept. Most important, I would have slept.

Anyways, lazy getting up, playing around.

Not that motivated to do anything, I call my friend Lisa to see what is up. We make plans to have a picnic at her house. Cool. Takes us two more hours to get ready: shower, get dressed, clean kitchen, water sprouts, play ... The kids are more then ready to go by then.

We had a great time playing. The kids are pretty much self sufficient at this point. Plus Lisa is on the same laidback parenting plan I'm on and the kids play together so well.

Bex fell asleep on the way home ... yeah!

Jon got home and we all biked in the cul de sac. Sydoux is getting better every day. It feels to me like it takes for ever for every little thing, and that she gives up very quickly and gets annoyed even faster, but she does learn. I just grid my teeth and smile and cheer her on. I know I always push her a little too hard, and she gives up a little too fast. I try to hold back, it is hard. I try not to get annoyed, and to just explain to her how it works. Today I feel like we made headway:

I told her she could do her own toast. Yes, you can even put the 'mutella' on. She put the toast in the toaster, pushed the button and beamed. When it was time to get it out, I told her to watch out and not burn herself, but she did not listen and rushed to get her toast and burnt herself. Drama. I tried very gently to explain that it takes time to learn, that I have to show her the hot spots etc. Kind of the same thing happen when she was buttering. I have the feeling that since she seems me do it, she should be able to do it the same way right away. The learning curves concept is completely foreign to her. How to explain that you have to 'try'? How to teach her to have patience with herself?

Once again I feel like parenting is more about me learning how to teach then about her. So much guidance and patience.

Tomorrow I go to work for money. Looking forward to the challenges.


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