Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power Wheels Donation???

It seems that most places we go to have a Power Wheels , electric car for kids. They are awesome and a lot of fun. I would love to get one for Bex. He is so darn cute driving around. Sydoux would love it as well. So why not?? The price is prohibitive. It is more than half of a house payment.

I've asked around for used ones, and combed through Craigslist but nothing. Bex' birthday is getting closer and closer.

I would just love to be a good American and go out and purchase something on credit that is out of our budget ... but my pesky French side is screaming at the idea.

Yesterday I was thinking that I could ask for donations. Instead of people buying different presents, I would just ask for donations to the power wheels. Is that acceptable?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday is a great day here. Mostly because both kids go to school. I can't believe the silence while both are gone. Usually I hear voices after two hours and keep looking for them.

This morning I got to study, to mop and to just relax. It was great!
Some say they are a better mom when they work, I think I'm a better mom when alone wink wink.

I'm still sore from yesterday's workout. Not sure how I'll manage tomorrow!

Then I picked up the kids, they both had a great time. The routine is coming back. Bex had a bit of a hard time after being away for a week. We went to play at Ashley's time. I love it there, we chat on the porch, watching the cars go by. The kids playing inside and out, it is so nice.
One sad thing is their dog is dying a slow death. I think it is in these tough time that you can see the commitment people make to their pets. Death is not pretty.

Sydoux make me laugh so hard. We are going over our french lesson and I asked her if she knows the work for fingers:
Sydoux: Le Fingarz, she said with her best ever french accent. I was dying laughing. Smarty pants.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend in the cul-de-sac

It has been a great weekend in the cul-de-sac. It really started Friday with all the kids out. We have 3 houses with kids. Ours with a girl and a boy, next door with two boys, and over with one girl and two boys. All these kids are pretty much the same age from almost 7 to almost 3. Needless to say, there is a lot of playing going on!!!

There is Bex and his two friend riding around. I really wish we could get one of those for Bex. I'm looking on Craigslist for one used. I might check the mommy sites too.

The kids being clever ...

... it was tooooo funny!!!

For the first time we pulled out the plastic pool. They were all jumping and sliding and squeeling wiht laughter. We also had a further down the road neighbor stop by with her 1 month old, 1 year old and 3 year old.

The kids dancing in the sprinkler. Or as Bex would say: 'prinkler.

At the end of the day I took Sydoux and D. biking and to make a long story short, he ran his bike into Sydoux' not 100 feet from our house. She flew off her bike, and was really shook up. Nothing was broken, but really Mamma Bear was MAD. How dare anyone hurt my little girl???!!!!
Took me a little while to calm her and myself down. Now, we'll just go the two off us :)

Have a good week.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Florida . Last Part

So it was an amazing week.

Sydoux learned how to swim sticking her head out of the water.
Bex figured out how to use a floaty ring. For the first time he was swimming in the water, all over the pool.
Sydoux saw some 'Hippalows' at the zoo!!!

About reconnecting with family.

It was a while since I had spent time with my Aunt Marilyn. To some extent I can say that I never did spend time with her as an adult. I saw her a couple of times as a child, the first time I remember when I was 10 and we cam to the USA for my grandmother's 80th birthday. Then a few more time here and there. The last time I saw her?? I don't even remember.

So on this trip, I was hoping that we could at best connect, at worst not fight (I hate conflict(turns out so does she!!!)). Not looking for best friends, but some middle ground. I don't think I was prepared for how awesome I found her. The kindness, the acceptance, the open mindedness, it was great. Over the course of the week, I got to know and love Marilyn, my aunt.

At the same time, I also got to connect with my cousin Cara, the only one I have on the Utermehle side. Since I last saw her, she got married and has a child, a girl just about the same age as Bex. They were sooo kind to house us and share toys, pool etc.
Her husband was very attentive, kind and funny. Him and Bex were quite a pair!!!! He took all the kids on a pony ride, and Bex who I thought was the more reluctant one, loved it and was asking for more all week.

One a funny note, all the cousins looked like they could be brother and sisters.

On musing about going on vacation with a different family, well I was not very well prepared. I Think each family has his agenda, and I am wondering if families usually talk about what they want to do before leaving, to see if there are some compatibilities.
For me, I felt I was going on vacation for the cousins to play together, and have fun with their aunts and uncles. So maybe I'm always kid centered, or it is the fybromyalgia or I'm just lazy, but I just love watching them. To me SIL seemed to have a different agenda, which was much more centered on doing adult activities, or things that are specific to Florida.
Next time, I'll ask before hand. Always something to learn right??!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Florida . Part 3

On another day we went to the park. Now the Frenchies (My SIL (Sister in Law) was not too keen on going to a playground. In her words 'we did not come all the way to Fl. to go to a playground'. Once there though, she saw that it was an awesome playground, with castle, several sand spots, water sprays, swings etc. The kids loved it. I don't have a picture of my brother on the mini zip line, but we had a lot of fun with that.

Bex totally chillin' in the swing.

Sydoux running around and loving it. She made some new friends there.

Bex getting ready to go on a slide.

Beach day: we took two cars and the Frenchies and myself plus the kids drove to the beach. It was soooo windy, and the water was cold, but they played and played.
We had a great lunch there, in an open bar off the beach. They had some great cocktails that I would have tried had I not been driving.

The two little ones throwing sand.

My brother Charles and the two little ones. It was sooo nice to get some time to talk to him, and see him with the kids.

Sydoux taking a second out of her busy schedule for a smile.

Bex found Chapin's glasses in the beach bag and did not let go. The color pink does not Scream girl to him yet. So proud as a peacock, he sported the glasses for two days.

Darn that sand. Why does it ALWAYS stick to my hand??????

Big Sis and Little Bro playing together.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Florida . Part 2

So many pictures, not in any order. Tomorrow I'll put up the ones of the beach (they are on a different camera, and I'm not sure where that one is(Something to be said for the ease of having pictures on the phone))

Bex and Jon sleeping this morning. They were just tooooo cute.

The girls sharing a chair. We often had donuts in the morning, and the kids ate allll their breakfast on those days. No complaining. Uh huh.

The girls and Bex playing go fish. They looooved it. It was so funny listening to them. Neither really knew the numbers, so they would show their hands and point to a card.
Bex was helping Sydoux by giving Laura the chosen card. Team work to its best.

Chaping has a tea set and some plastic food (thank you soooo much for being a great sharer) and the kids played over and over with it. There was a little discussion of who should have the chocolate, but overall they did awesome. At some point they hid behing a door and would play locked in a little space.

Cara, Donal and Chapin (I own that pool!) pool in the back of their house was ABSOLUTELY fab fab fab. The kids LOVED it. What isn't there to love: it's there, and it's hot. Everyday we went, and the kids had a blast. We played Simon says, we did the train, Sydoux and Laura practised swimming. I think Sydoux is about ready to take her swimming test at the aquatic center.
Once again the girls played played and played. As they say: Best Cousins.

Shopping at Target. Lucy is the sleepy head on the pillow.
Bex loves his new hat. The girls decided they were twins.

Granpa Jack hid the eggs for a great egg hunt. First the two small ones, then the two older ones.
Squeels of laughter as they found chocolate eggs and small plastic animals.

The ladies hard at work.

I forgot to post this picture with the boat ones.

So much more to write and say. Tomorrow.


Friday, April 17, 2009

In Florida

Best Cousins Sydoux and Laura. They spent hours playing side by side.

Best cousins sitting on the huge buggy.

Bex and I on the buggy.

The crocs, the were every where.

Bex checking out the raccoons.

Chapin ready to go on the boat

Bex ready to go... with his ear plugs!!!

and Sydoux ready to go. Cool as a cucumber!

Favorite transportation around here is the gold cart.

Sooo tired after a day of hard sightseeing.

Giraffe feeding.

Girls getting to know each other all over again.

Don't they look like sisters????

Who LOOOOOVES donuts??

First day on the pony ride.

So here we are, in fab Florida, West Palm Beach the beautiful.

The cousins, ants and uncles are great. The weather cooler than I would have thought.

Funny Things:

Franck thought that the mating calls of frogs were crocodiles. The boys went looking for crocs and found ... little frogs.

Sydoux called Hippos Hippalos. She is practicing swimming on her own and is doing better every day.

Bex learned to swim with a floating ring.

Yesterday we went on the most amazing ride in the swamp. We took an air boat and were surrounded by crocodiles, birds and raccoons. Then we took a buggy on steroids and wrote around the reservation.

More tomorrow.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Off to the beach

Tomorrow, after school.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easy does it.

Nice relaxed day. We still need to work on beds. Bex was sleeping with me.
Jon woke up Sydney at 7.30, he had to go to work.
Sydney woke me up. She woke up Bex. If Jon could have slept in Bex' bed, Sydoux would have slept. Bex would have slept. Most important, I would have slept.

Anyways, lazy getting up, playing around.

Not that motivated to do anything, I call my friend Lisa to see what is up. We make plans to have a picnic at her house. Cool. Takes us two more hours to get ready: shower, get dressed, clean kitchen, water sprouts, play ... The kids are more then ready to go by then.

We had a great time playing. The kids are pretty much self sufficient at this point. Plus Lisa is on the same laidback parenting plan I'm on and the kids play together so well.

Bex fell asleep on the way home ... yeah!

Jon got home and we all biked in the cul de sac. Sydoux is getting better every day. It feels to me like it takes for ever for every little thing, and that she gives up very quickly and gets annoyed even faster, but she does learn. I just grid my teeth and smile and cheer her on. I know I always push her a little too hard, and she gives up a little too fast. I try to hold back, it is hard. I try not to get annoyed, and to just explain to her how it works. Today I feel like we made headway:

I told her she could do her own toast. Yes, you can even put the 'mutella' on. She put the toast in the toaster, pushed the button and beamed. When it was time to get it out, I told her to watch out and not burn herself, but she did not listen and rushed to get her toast and burnt herself. Drama. I tried very gently to explain that it takes time to learn, that I have to show her the hot spots etc. Kind of the same thing happen when she was buttering. I have the feeling that since she seems me do it, she should be able to do it the same way right away. The learning curves concept is completely foreign to her. How to explain that you have to 'try'? How to teach her to have patience with herself?

Once again I feel like parenting is more about me learning how to teach then about her. So much guidance and patience.

Tomorrow I go to work for money. Looking forward to the challenges.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ok so maybe we don't suck all the time

Today was a BIG day in the Andrews household:

The event: Sydoux biking by herself. I thought it would take a couple more weeks, but low and behold, she did it.

concentrating hard...

All on her own.

Smile of intense pride.

Oh Im so happy

First thing she said was: let's write a letter to GrandMere and tell her about it. Then she wanted to show Andy how she could bike. She did the back and forth several times. Still needs a little work on starting on her own, but that is nothing :)

The other day they had an egg hunt at school:

The 4/5 yo had to read the name of the eggs and find their own.

The 2/3 yo just picked up any 12 of the thousands of eggs on the ground.

Both were very happy. Well, Sydoux not that much, a little too much chaos for her. Bex loved it. He can really be in his own little world, oblivious to what is going around.

Then a couple of pix I like, playing around with bunny ears. They were enjoying wonderful lolipops that their friends Tyler and Evan brought back. See the smiles on their faces.

That's it for today. Have a good night.