Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a rotten day

First of all, it is raining. I don't like the rain and the cold that it brings. It is the end of March and it should be WARM, BALMY weather, not wet.

Took Sydoux to school, and Bex piched a fit, because she wanted to be walked in and he wanted to do the carpool lane. He cried the whole way to the door in front of which I left him crying. Kissed Sydoux good day, and this lady tells me that I can't leave him there, alone.... still crying. Back to the car, crying the whole way.

We were planning on going to Noelle's house and play, but I told him I'm not taking him after such a tantrum. More crying. I get him into the house and do some much needed housework. He is playing with his legos, very nicely. He asks to go to Noelle's (Owen house, Mommy, go Owen house). Since he has noticebly calmed down for the past hour, I call Noelle and we are on our way.

Ahh, a breather right? No, he pees his pants ... too involved to stop and pee. Of course, as the day as gone, I don't have a change with me (It has been well over 4 months since he had an 'accident'). Noelle is out of pants, so there he is in short in 40 degree raining weather.

We take the boys to chik-fil-a to get some energy out, and some talking time for us. The food is so NASTY. Also, I burn my tongue on their damn burning hot coffee ... I was trying to warm up. Which brings up the issue that I don't have a coat for this nasty weather. Everything is either too hot, not rain proof, or rainproof but not warm arhhhhhhhh
I trade the nasty burning coffee for a waterdown coke. Did I mention I hate chicken sandwiches?????

Anyways, we go pick up Sydoux who had a great time at school.

We go home, still raining.

Sydoux watches a movie, and Bex tired, would neither sleep not watch tv with Sydoux. So I play a video game with him. I'm tired but whatever.

Jon calls saying that there is birthday cake at the office. Of course I pack the kids and go. What is a Mom to do in with this nasty weather??!!

I can't remember why, but Bex pitches another fit. Oh yeah I remember, he wacked Sydoux with a play sword (that Owen left behind) and pitched a fit when I took it away. SO now they are both crying, one because of the wack, the other because of the lack of sword. I tell you, my hand was itching to wack something/someone.

So we get to the office. They have a cupcake. They want more. They don't get more. We go to bestbuy. I wanted a mic so I can talk with my online game. Bex pitches another fit. I fix it by putting him in the stroller.

Did I mention that by then my nerves are totally fried??

I wanted to go get a jacket but with those two and my state of mine, I decide to go home.

Maybe I am punishing myself, but then I take the kids and the dogs for a stroll. Let it be known that pushing two (cranky) kids in a stroller, with two dogs on a rainy day is no picknick. Sydoux cried because she was cold. Bex cried because Sydoux was holding Maesi. Then he cries because he can't hold George (who pulled him right out of the stroller ... almost).

We get home. Jon is home. I'm sooo tired. He makes dinner. I don't even move from my chair. He puts the kids in the bath. He leaves for work (yeah, again). The mic that I bought is too short. I'm going to have to return it.

I take the kids out of the bath. The floor is so flooded.

They are watching tv. Im tired.

Jon says to be thankfull for the little things: tea was good, my new IKEA chair is awesome.

Oh did I mention I got a D on my last assignment. sigh.

Tomorrow will be better.sigh


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  1. ... good that to morrows exist !

    Have a nice week end,
    : )