Sunday, March 1, 2009

We love visits!

Yes we do!!! Guigui stopped on her way back North and it was great. The kids know who she is, and remember her from us visiting New York. Sydoux kept asking about Guigui's brothers. Now that is funny to me, because 1. Guigui does not have any brothers 2. she has two sons!!! Once, G. came with her sons (and husband), and Sydoux remembers them as brothers.

Unfortunetly it was raining so we did not get to have the picnic at Latta Plantation that we had planned. We did go for a walk, under the rain, it was still nice.

We spent most of the day by the fire, warming up and drinking tea :)

Later that night we watched 'Body of Lies' . It was nice to have an adult conversation with G. and Jon about the movie. We do miss that, and having guest is really a nice way to share and discuss information.

I got up after G. left, and first thing Bex said was: Guigui go home, Mommy, home Guigui gone.

It was really nice to see the connection the kids and G. built, in a way similar to the one I built when I was living with her (and husband) and her sons. I also hope that my kids will continue their connections with the sons.

Saturday it rained allllll day.

Sunday it rained allllll day. We did manage to go to IKEA, which was packed. We are working on fixing up our bonus/play room into a play/guest room. Soooo we are planing on moving Sydoux' bed (which is a day bed) into the guest room. It comes with a trundle in case we have more than one guest. We would be getting Sydoux a new bed. Now we did pick one while we were there, and I wanted to show her. Of course, she went right for another one that is allllll PINK. No problem I like that one too hihihihi. Then we looked at some bunk beds, and she liked those too. She was too funny the rest of the way, changing her mind every 30 minutes between the pink bed and the bunk bed!!!! In the end, I'll make the decision.

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