Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Monday

I peeked at the alarm clock ... 7.30 am ... no kids ... sleep
I peeked at the alarm clock ... 8.10 am ... no kids ... sleep

Sydoux comes in at 8.20 all sleepy eyed. I lift the cover so she can come in and cuddle.

Sydoux: Mom, where is Bex
Me: in his bed sweety.
S: are you sure?
M: well, he's not here, so yeah he is there (sleepy logic right??!!)
S: I don't think he is there ....

soft snoring noises coming from down below

I peek down below ... low and behold, there is Bex sleeping on the pallet. AHHH

1. Bex went straight to the pallet without waking me up.
2. Bex slept past 8 whooohooo

We then had 20 minutes to get dressed and breakfast to drive Sydoux to school.

After that N.'s mom came by so we can fix her monitor problem.

Off to BestBuy.

On a side note, N. had bought a monitor with webcam for Skyping. And the sales lady knew that.

On a second side note, the problem is that the mic is not working. I've already been to her house, could not get it to work. Went to bestbuy (and ask if there really was a mic in the monitor, got a yes) and then went back to the house and still could not get it to work.

Now I'm at bestbuy with N's mom, Bex and the big ass box of the monitor. The nice man at cutomer service tells me that there is NO mic in the monitor.

I then walk to the lady, tell her that the monitor she sold her has NO MIC. She does not believe me, what ever. I pick another monitor. Oh but it is not in stock. When will you have it? Thursday. Can you keep one in my name (given that you have messed up so much so far). No, can't do that <-----MAD----->

Now, how am I going to explain that it is not even on my credit card, and then come back and buy a new one??? I didn't say anything. When asked if I was N., and smiled and said yes. Asked for a store credit and walked out.


Can I say that any apple computer comes with an integrated camera that WORKS. With sounds??!!!

At least when I got home, I played a nice video game with Bex: Little Big Planet. All four of us like to play. Family time right?????

Then we got Sydoux from school, and got some donut holes and headed to Noelle's house. The kids played AWESOME. It was sooo nice to watch. And I had a great time talking with my friend, with no interuptions. ahhh they ARE getting older!!!!

Sydoux wanted some chicken nuggets for dinner, so we stopped at harris teater on the way back. Got that and a couple of things. Made dinner, which they both ate (which is getting more and more rare!!).

After bath I had a double surprise for them.

Sydoux had worried that Jon would forget her while he was gone. So I asked him to make a little video and email it to us. It worked out sooooo cool. The kids could see Jon's hotel room and him, and I could tell that they both fell better afterwards.

Second surprise was a Wii video game for Sydoux: Enchanted Princess. She looooooved it. We played for a while, then read a book and now they are in bed.

I'm ready for bed.


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