Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh the energy.

It was soooo nice out. Sydoux was blowing bubbles for Maesi to catch while Bex was taking a rare nap.

Sydoux was sooooo excited about having Gab and Jenna come over. They arrived mid afternoon and the kids were on them like flies on honey. They wanted to talk, to play, to jump on the trampoline. We all went on the trampoline and Gab would make us bounce soooo high, I was dying laughing!

It is a great thing that Gab and Jenna are AWESOME with the kids:

They played Sydoux' favorite game of Duck Duck Goose. She was having such a good time.

Then we did our usual walk about the neighborhood with Maesi. Maesi is doing sooo well on the walks, I'm really happy that she is getting it.

Once Jon got back, we really wanted G&J to try Rockband.
The kids wanted to play too of course. Bex kept challenging Jon and wanting the mic.
Jenna was great at the drums, Gab rocked the guitare. Fun Fun Fun

We finally got Bex to sit and watch!!!!

After all the excitement, finally some resting and thumb sucking!!!!

We all had dinner outside, a hodge podge of things. Sometimes the food does not matter too much when you have great company!!!! I even manage to drink THREE beers (non alcoholic of course ;)

We are seriously hoping that G&J can stop by on the way back and stay a little longer. It is just so nice to have family around. We often feel isolated, and having visitors has just been awesome.

Today my friend N. and I went to IKEA. So sad that she is leaving this Friday.
Anyways, Bex and H. were stuffing their face with ice cream and hotdogs!!!!

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  1. Really happy to see the intergeneration links following suit ...

    After three days away from pictures and blue eyed darling ... what can I say ?! just enjoying the new ones !

    GM-may-be-a-little-prejudiced !!!