Thursday, March 5, 2009

Granpa Jack, Ice cream and Treasure hunt

Granpa Jack, Ice cream and Treasure hunt: well that pretty much sums up the last few days.

GJ came for a visit, arriving Wednesday morning. We went to IKEA, I had a few things to buy and had lunch there, GJ, Bex and I.

Then we went for ice cream: Sydoux and Bex are on the 'Star System'. When they listen, are pleasant, and follow directions, they get a Star. Once they reach 10 Stars, they get a prize of their choice. More often than not, Sydoux will pick a trip to the ice cream store. Bex gets an ice cream too. He chose (by my recommandation) a box of legos for his prize. Sydoux got one too :).
Here they are eating their ice cream. (pink for her, blue for him)

Then we got home and GJ started the Treasure hunt. Bex was still passed out sleeping (a rarety) through the first part. Jack hid the eggs throughout the living room in plain sight. Well it did not take long for Miss Chocolate Lover to find them all. Now the funny thing is that she wanted a new Treasure Hunt, again and again, with the same eggs. Sure she wanted to eat some (which she did) but she found it more fun to go look for them. Ahhhh so cute.

Then Bex got into the action.

Then next day, Jack and I went to run errands while the kids were at school. We had lunch at IKEA (yes, again, I feel a post coming about why I love that place so much) with Jon. So weird to be with just adults.

Anyways, the whole visit was great, the kids had a blast. They wished Granpa Jack well, promised to go and visit him soon, and said they were looking forward to seeing him in April.

Then I took a 2 hour nap.

Next visit: we are looking forward to having Gab and Jenna on Tuesday.


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  1. Super comments and beautiful pictures, Merci !
    can you single out Sydoux' triumphant eggs hunting winner ?!
    Avec le tennis, la chasse au trésor était une desactivités favorites au Chapuy, tous s'en souviennent !