Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is Friday. It's raining. I've taken the Seattle way and decided to do stuff anyways. I don't think I can just stay inside and wait for better days anymore. We are having 5 days of rain in a row. Unheard of around here.

Both kids are home on Fridays and we try usually try to go to the pool. That is what we did today. We got to the gym at the same time as Noelle and Owen did, which was fun for the kids.

Once we got to the pool, there was a game of pool volleyball going on. The players invited us to play and we did. The kids had fun watching. It was a little unnerving at first, because of the water making it hard to get to the ball!!!!!

Bex will be 3 soon, and will start swimming lessons. Sydoux can swim, just not long distance. The kids are growing!!

Bex playing with Legos while Sydoux is at Owen's.

The kids thinking it is soooo much fun being in the crate with Maesi and George.

Bex playing with George's tail. G was such a good sport.

G is our new dishwasher ... to Bex' delight.

Bex and his friend Jacob playing superheroes outside.

A day (seems like ages) with no rain. Dylan's grandmother had gotten him this awesome ant farm (the green thing between D and Sydoux). We spent the afternoon collecting ants for it.
L. mentioned that one had crocked. Sydoux got the general meaning of the word ... but then asked if this ant had 'crocked again'??!!!

Tonight, George went back to him home. We are all a little sad.


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