Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today in the car:

Sydoux: what do you want to watch?
Bex: wo'pets.
S: cool, I want to watch wonder pets too


Bex: Jacob wobak

took us a week to figure out: Jacob, I'll be right back


Bex: wait me Mommy, wait me


Today after I asked if they had a good time playing with their friends

Bex: yes me fun play Evan long time me


Miss Stefifi = Miss Stephanie (his teachers assistant)


Yeah, today we got Jon back. He was in an intensive training class up in MS. The kids were psyched to go to the airport and wait for him. Wait they did, cuz his plane was 30 minutes delayed because ... yeah ... more rain.

Anyways, we are all home safe, sound and happy.

Looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend.


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