Sunday, March 29, 2009

And we took the tv away.

By that, I don't mean they have lost tv privs. for a certain amount of time, I mean we physically took the tv away from the playroom and put it in our bedroom. No more tv for them.

Why would we do that?

1. Sydoux was such a **** after watching tv. Complaining, whining, bored and always HUNGRY.

2. She had totally stopped wanting to play. It was either watch tv or whine.

Guess I got tired of the whine. Sure it was nice to have them do something on their own for 30 to 60 minutes. It was not nice enough though to cover for the rest of the time.

We took it away yesterday, and really, they have not asked for it. Must say that we also cleared their rooms, moved toys around, made things more fun.
Right now, they are in Bex' room playing in the tent pretending to take pictures with a piece of foam.

And that is the point. Pretending. Imagination. They had pretty much stopped all of that play. They were getting too lazy to imagine, to pretend. That bugged me. So away went the tv.


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